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I met a Polish girl working in the canteen...

26 Jan 2006 /  #1

I just started a new job and there is also a new Polish girl working in the canteen. We've chatted about where we live and how we find work with a flirtatious vibe in the air. I've made her laugh a few times with my Polish phrases which were a bit random, intentionally.

I asked her out and was very open about it, it made her laugh (not at me) cos she thought I was direct. I asked if she had a fella and she said, "maybe" she went on to say she had a special friend who she wasn't sure about. She also said she was busy this weekend.

I actually think she likes me but wants me to wait a bit longer...are there phrases I could use to woo her good? Also I hear there are other guys who have been trying for her she has probably rejected too.

26 Jan 2006 /  #2
Hi Nick,

I think Polish girls are not that open-minded as American girls as far as dating is concerned. While for an American going on a date with one guy one weekend and with another the next weekend is "normal", Polish girls are more careful which guy to choose. In result, you are right when you say that she wants you to wait a little longer -- probably she just wants to get to know you better. The fact that she rejected other guys confirms that.

It's good you made her laugh and even better you try to speak some Polish :).

When it comes to relationship, no "magic phrases" exist, I'm afraid :|. You could try "I like you" - "Lubie Cie" though. For other basic phrases you may check

Keep trying but do not rush it.

Marzena 2 | 122  
26 Jan 2006 /  #3
As a Polish girl living in the US I can say that this is very true. I had many similar situations and what Andy said is right to the point.
28 Jan 2006 /  #4
Thanks: )
3 Feb 2006 /  #5
Valentines day is coming up, u should surprise with something cute, like ataddy bear or chocolates, polish girls love sweet gestures like that, i should know cus i am one:)
7 Jul 2006 /  #6
i like those like girls..................................... in my expected i respected that ,,,,,,

i hope to find beauty , young.,,smart,,,,(my dream girl polish)
7 Jul 2006 /  #7
OK, but what would you have to offer in return? :)
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
7 Jul 2006 /  #8
That guy has nothing. he calls himself a "Police man" LOL
8 Jul 2006 /  #9
sweetsexyman - | 1  
22 Apr 2007 /  #10
would be nice to offer you all you want just tell me how i can meet you
Hueg - | 320  
22 Apr 2007 /  #11
Be at Waterloo Station next Friday at around 10am, carry a copy of Die Welt and look out for a leggy blonde carrying a replica Knut under her left arm. :)

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