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Polish men rules!!!! Love at first sight?, Is it possible?

DuoBox 1 | 1  
23 Nov 2007 /  #1
Hello everybody:

I would like to hear for some advice, I would appreciate it a lot.
Weeks ago I went to Warsaw and I knew a very handsome polish boy in a bar. I was in the bar with some friends and we were speaking in our language (not polish nor english...), so he came to our table and started to speak with us in our language!. I think that was a very nice detail. We start to drink some beers and I really had a very good time with he and my friends.

I liked him a lot and I think that I was not invisible to him!. When we got out of the bar, we continued talking and talking and it was really really nice. We were in the same hotel (because he was not from Warsaw and he was in the city for some days only) so we went there together (along with my friends...). Then, when we were there, every one went to their own room (every one of us had an individual room) and I went to my room.

While I was in my room, I couldn't get him out of my mind....I really liked him!!, so I decided to go to his room and to knock on his door...I was so afraid but deep inside of me that was what I Wanted to do, so, I did it...

He opened the door and I asked him if I could get in...he answered me "yes, of course"....anyway...we kissed each other and had a great time (no sex....just "good time") together. He was very sweet, I asked him why he shouldn't give "the first step"...why did he wait until I knock his door? but he just said that he didn`t want to be rude....c'mon!!, I didn't expect that answer but well.....

The next day, I was leaving the city so I went to his room and knocked his door again, just to say good bye, but nobody opened the door. I just slide a piece of paper under the door where I wrote kind of: nice to meet you, keep in touch and my e-mail....

Now I'm in my country and...believe it or not...I still can't get him out of my mind!!!, I can't say that I'm in love but I can't forget that time!!. I want to write to him but I'm not sure if I should do that...I'm afraid and doubtfull....I guess I was just a one-night-stand girl for him, but I would like to know him better...really!...I've been asking me why he didn't write to me even when I gave him my mail?....but I don't know if he got my piece of paper (with my mail) since I don't know if he checked-out the room (in the hotel) before I went there to say good-bye....maybe that happened or maybe he is not interested to know anything about me and that's why he hasn't written to me even when he has my mail!!........I don't know!!!

Should I write to him?, if yes....what can I say!!!
I really want to keep in touch with him but if I write to him and he doesn't answer....I don't want to experience that feeling!!....I feel very strange because.....even when I'm not in loved with him (maybe just......strong strong attraction??) I'm starting to ask myself....was it love at first sight?....

PS: Polish men rules!!!!
marek s - | 269  
23 Nov 2007 /  #2
i believe in infatuation/ lust at first sight, not love.
23 Nov 2007 /  #3
Love at first sight?, Is it possible?

maybe it is possible....but it have never happened to, no, i don't believe it...i think i am too analytical....

but life is short and if you feel it in your heart, go for it... good luck :)
23 Nov 2007 /  #4
I don't know that love at first sight is possible but instant attraction's true he might have already checked out by the time you slid the note under his door. I think you should try to get in touch with him, at least once. If there's nothing to happen with you both then at least you will find out and you can move on...but if there is something more than can happen...well :)
irishdeano 5 | 304  
24 Nov 2007 /  #5
yes i believe it can because it has happened to me
K9999 - | 2  
24 Nov 2007 /  #6
Yes I believe it can happen because it has happened to me, I so so so have fallen for this Polish girl at work.
24 Nov 2007 /  #7
I dont think so, I think you could look at someone and think CORR THEIR FIT! Until they start talking... :D
Zarny - | 3  
24 Nov 2007 /  #8
Love at first attraction plays a big part in that? Peeps say it happens but aint never happened to me. Attraction at 1st site,oh yeah baby!
covkid65 2 | 39  
24 Nov 2007 /  #9
you are confusing love with lust
Debianco 19 | 111  
24 Nov 2007 /  #10
where would you write to him? did he give you his address?
krysia 23 | 3,057  
24 Nov 2007 /  #11
Should I write to him?, if yes....what can I say!!!

yes, write to him. That way you won't agonize yourself over it. If he doesn't write back or if he says he's not interested, forget about him. That's the only way you'll know.

Just tell him you had a good time. Don't have to write too much, just a few meaningless words to see if he thinks the same way about you too.

And it is possible to fall in love at first sight. Something that grabs your attention about that other person, the eyes, the smile.
That's how it all starts. You fall in love, lose your head, by the time you realize what happened you got 10 kids and a pending divorce. Sorry, my left hand wrote the last part.
irishdeano 5 | 304  
24 Nov 2007 /  #12
yeah send it. u dont want to be thinking in 5 years time i wonder what could ahve happened if i had of send him that. so send it and find out
OP DuoBox 1 | 1  
26 Nov 2007 /  #13
Thanks all.

i believe in infatuation/ lust at first sight, not love.

At the beginning I thought the same than you and Covkid65!, but I think lust is a very "volatile" feeling....I mean, if it was only lust/infatuation, maybe the feelings have disappeared few days after...but those feelings are still there!!...

It ain't never happened to me before!, so, that's why I feel so strange!!....

I think you should try to get in touch with him, at least once.

yes, write to him.

yeah send it.

Yeah!, you're right!!
there's nothing to loose!

I can't deny that attraction was very very important...
I'm gonna write to him but I'm still afraid of his response....maybe, there's no response at all!!...but at least, I should know that he's not interested...

I'll tell you later what happened....
Thanks all!!
lonely 2 | 97  
28 Nov 2007 /  #14
I believe in love at first sight so yeah go for it... what have you got to lose?
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
28 Nov 2007 /  #15
that's what i was going to say when i saw the topic of this thread! to me loving somebody is knowing them and loving the person they are, with all the good things and bad things about them. saying you love somebody only because you looked at them or had a chat is silly, because they are just a random person and probably if you got to know them you wouldn't be so quick to tell them you love them! this feeling you have when you see/meet someone you like is attraction and lust. it would be actually more appropriate to say you want them. love grows from the moment you start seeing somebody and falling for them more and more every time you get together, until you know you wanna be with them no matter what :).

DuoBox if you have the chance to contact him, do so just so you know how he feels about it. Just make sure you dont tell him that you think you love him. He's a man, it makes them run very fast ha ha.
Jambo 2 | 106  
29 Nov 2007 /  #16
I think you should contact him and then you either have closure or a new beginning.

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