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Research paper on 3 aspects of Polish culture

2 Mar 2007 /  #1
Hello out there-
I am a student in a intercultural communications class that is interested in writing a research paper on 3 aspects of Polish culture, and they are to be contemporary, not historical data. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me learn information about the culture and would possibly be interviewed or something along those lines. That would be very helpful. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. If anyone is interested, we could exchange contact info also.
bolo 2 | 304  
3 Mar 2007 /  #2
I guess you could post your interview questions here and some Polish members would help out :).
GrandeSande 2 | 119  
3 Mar 2007 /  #3
Perhaps you could give us a little more information about your search... your needs are very vague.
OP ASHU0327  
4 Mar 2007 /  #4
Okay, ill try to narrow it down.

How about...
1. Nonverbal cues that are used that are similar and those that are different to US culture
2. Tell me about some celebrations, or how christmas is celebrated
3. Any ideas of something that is much different than US culture???

THANKS for your replies!!!!!!!!!!
4 Mar 2007 /  #5
coming up with direct questions would be a good idea
OP ASHU0327  
5 Mar 2007 /  #6
I would like to know about how Christmas and Christmas Eve are celebrated as well as about wedding ceremonies.

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