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Some questions related to Polish greetings, customs, taboo, death

capdown 1 | -  
29 Oct 2007 /  #1
Hello, I was wondering if someone could do me the lovley courtesy of answering a few questions for me. It's part of some research I'm doing. Most of it is from the point of view of someone going into a polish home where they do not know the family.

Can you tell me more about:

1: Greetings - for example how do you address guests, elders, etc

2: Customs - Is there any specific behaviors you should observe such as bringing gifts to people, dressing formally for occasions etc, anything!

3: Taboo subjects? Presumably, when you first meet someone you shouldn't discuss money and affection on the streets ok? ...etc...

4: Death - How do they deal woith death, what should you do or not do...?

5: And if there's anything else you wonderful people might think I might need to know...please let me know.

Thanks lots everybody!!!!
Nitka - | 13  
29 Oct 2007 /  #2
from my family experience, you never address someone older than you by their first name (mr/ms so-and-so or uncle ted/auntie ann not ted or ann)

proper dress for formal/famliy dinners, especially sundays.
never ask a woman her weight or age. some people don't even like to celebrate birthdays for that reason.
funarals always have a big get together surrounding food/dinner, as many cultures do.
PDA's are frowned upon in many cultures but shaking hands and a kiss on the cheek when meeting/greeting someone is usually the custom.

or maybe that's just how i was raised in my family?...
17 Sep 2009 /  #3
shake hands with all the men and give all the women a nice kiss on the cheek and sometimes its 2 or 3 kisses it depends on the persons go from cheek to cheek.

always dress nice ALWAYS! espesically on SUNDAY... vodka and wine and pound cake or baked goods are welcome

3- answer whatever you are asked as if youre in a interview always be polite

4-death... all the family comes you can go to both the wake and funeral or one which ever you please make sure to give you condolinces and greet everyone like your own family usually after you go to dinner

5- DO NOT ever work on sunday or do yardwork anything thats a day for relaxation

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