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wildrover 98 | 4,436  
12 Nov 2009 /  #1
As regular members of the forum will know i have a desperate need for Heinz beans on a regular basis in order to keep at bay the shakes , the violent rages , the bubonic sores , and the earth shattering wind breaking....

At the moment i get supplies smuggled into Poland along with terrorist arms shipments , but i am aware that these wonderful sexy beans can be bought at Tesco....

I have tried to search on the net to find where the nearest store is to my hideout , but not had any success , so can anyone tell me where i can find a Tesco store in Zachdniopomorskie , in the Drawsko pomorskie area , or Polczyn zdroj area...?

I don,t mind driving a few miles to get my beans....anyone know where they are....????
ShawnH 8 | 1,491  
12 Nov 2009 /  #2
Drawsko pomorskie

Niepodległości 23
73-150 £obez, Poland
OP wildrover 98 | 4,436  
12 Nov 2009 /  #3
You superstar...thats briliant....Lobez is not so far from me at all...thanks mate...
ShawnH 8 | 1,491  
12 Nov 2009 /  #4
Have a tin on me.

Zywiec that is, not the beans.

Edit: Google maps - locate your city, then in the search box, type in tesco (or any other large shop) and a listing will come up with all the nearby locations of said shop.
OP wildrover 98 | 4,436  
12 Nov 2009 /  #5
thats great...i was just typing in Tesco , hoping it would have a list of all the stores....definatly gonna be having a tin tomorow...and some beans too....
12 Nov 2009 /  #6
One could also go to and use the store locator "Sklepy i stacje--Znajdz lokalizacje"
12 Nov 2009 /  #7
U could always try intermarche, i had a tin, with a semi Full Cooked English Breakfast.

Food for the soul.
Honest George 1 | 105  
12 Nov 2009 /  #8
Try BOMI or Intermarche supermarkets, no need for Tesco unless they can beat the inflated Polish prices.
Wroclaw Boy  
12 Nov 2009 /  #9
Im fairly sure i recently found the worst Tescos in the history of the company, it was near Klodzko. Located in a run down corregated iron roofed garage, it had eaking ceilings and stank. Ill try and take a picture if im ever in the area again.
anja_rose 3 | 37  
12 Nov 2009 /  #10
yum baked beans, i never saw any heinz products over there tbh =( ohh gosh yes, the Tesco near Tarnow (tuchow) is terrible, most aisles were empty and mainly polish stuuf that you could buy in any store like delikatesy (in fact those are better), i went there thinking i may find something diff and vegetarian stuff but the place i found the most variation was Real superstore.
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
12 Nov 2009 /  #11
There are 2 here in Gliwice, one big one and a small local one. Both are fairly well-stocked outfits and have many of the brand names from back home.
cjj - | 281  
12 Nov 2009 /  #12
There are 2 Tescos in Trojmiasto -- both just off the ring-road.
12 Nov 2009 /  #13
Just click on the map in your region:

Damn I didn't know it but they have just opened one in my town 24hr as well
frd 7 | 1,399  
12 Nov 2009 /  #14
Sorry but:
Kaufland > Tesco...
SeanBM 35 | 5,793  
12 Nov 2009 /  #15
I can buy Heinz beans in my local Carrefour.

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