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The strangest things in Poland

ryheen - | 12  
20 Jan 2007 /  #211
hi iwona, nice to get your reply. what i mean that POLISH LIKE TO HAVE NICE CAR AND A NICE HOUSE. iv been in situation, iwas in party and because my husband little bit drunk so we prefer to back home with other people from the party, and bfore they saw my car they said, MY CAR IS NOT SO NICE. but after they saw my car,they made comment which for me was very stupid, they said HMMM...MY CAR NOT NICE BUT BMW, HAVE YOU NOTICE THAT??? my impresion about the girl(they were couple) that she was very nice and smart, we talked many things, and she was very smart. but from the point she said, i mention above, that they way her thinking was not as ok as i thought before, so it means that she wasn't smart. i use VW only while im in poland, not so old but also not soo new, because i don't need new car i just stay in poland for sometimes to check business here.

and what i said about many POlish people not responsible. simple think, many times im in situation, that they made appoinment by them self, but they not appear at the time, and no call, no notification whats so ever. NOTHING. AND NEVER COME BACK. they promise to make payment, they promised that by them self, but also no notification, no calling, NOTHING. whats the point to call, hi ,,im sory, hi, can i postp my payment.... Something like that, but most of them not doing that. i run my furnitures business here with my husband, and we had many costumer, but some of them are like as i mention before, not responsible. and many others and even more stupid things, which are for us just simple think.

HE ALSO FEEL STRANGE.... its about my husband.... he is polish, but also australian.since 28 he moved to australia, which is very different ,very,very different than in POland. in australia everythings organize, like i mention before about appoinment(for the very simple thing) will never happend in australia. because we also had shop there.

iwona, hope you not accept wrong my sentence, i just tell what i feel here what the strangest thing in Poland for me, and i also not say all of them. but most of them like that. if i not felt that by my self, i also will never belive that if somebody tell me that, it happend/available in poland.
21 Jan 2007 /  #212
Yeah that's another one - milk straight from the cow... I was never brave enough to drink when I was kid (and I'm glad). It was disgusting to me when my friends were talking about drinking it at their grandma house...mmm, warm with froth on top....straight from the animal...

And I always make people laugh at work when I say we used to eat lard sandwiches and if the times were good, we put fried bacon on top of it (skwarki)...just in case if someone considered plain lard to be little bit on the health consious side....

But sour cream sandwiches... not fact I might make one now for myself to see how it tastes...
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544  
22 Jan 2007 /  #213
That is what I FEEL after a long time study in Polish history and culture. Such a subjective statement like what I have said could hardly be scientifically explained. However, I believe non-Poles who have a long-lasting interest in Poland like me usually end up in the same feeling.

Blimey, still don't know what you mean, but very well then. Have it your way.

Mitffoch, some of your points sound XIX century. :)

ryheen, do you personally know a character called uk_? Just wondering. :)
ryheen - | 12  
22 Jan 2007 /  #214
uk_character? well, for them 2+2 =4, but for Poles, not always like that. THAT THE DIFFERENCE, if that what you mean.
22 Jan 2007 /  #215
Polish And British Criminals are also Different. In UK first they as you do give them your money, then beat you, in Poland first they beat you unconscious and then they ask for money.
22 Jan 2007 /  #217
Matyjasz: why XIX century? Lard is still sold in stores (didn't check whether it was with fried bacon) and some still like like the milk straight from the cow. So I don't get what your statement refers to.

The topic is the strangest things in Poland, and those two are certainly strange, even for me.
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
23 Jan 2007 /  #218
Besides all of the food and everything else....Pyramids are pretty strange in Poland. Not all poles know they're even there :)
23 Jan 2007 /  #219
Pyramids are pretty strange in Poland.

where in Poland?
iwona 12 | 542  
23 Jan 2007 /  #221
and we have desert- Pustynia Bledowska....
23 Jan 2007 /  #222
Świętokrzyskie province I'll get some pics.

thanks, I will check it tomorrow since the server is so slow today:)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163  
23 Jan 2007 /  #223
but they not appear at the time, and no call, no notification whats so ever. NOTHING. AND NEVER COME BACK.

Maybe they just don't like you. :)
ryheen - | 12  
23 Jan 2007 /  #224
thats not about like personal or not... but this about responsibilty.... but i know this behaviour is normal for most of Poles.... but for me not... :)
polska_lala - | 17  
27 Jul 2007 /  #225
the way little kids can get cigarettes for "their parents" at the store even tho they are like 5!

and ketchup on a pizza isnt that bad :) it may sound weird but than again i really like ketchup.

how they cram food in your face even if your full .... has anyone ever been to a polish wedding? seriously its like 7 courses of meals throughout the night.... very fun thing to experience while in poland
brazilii 8 | 97  
14 Mar 2008 /  #227
washing machine in the bathroom.
gdj67 15 | 154  
14 Mar 2008 /  #229
washing machine in the bathroom.

Not strange at's only the Brits that put it in the kitchen.
osiol 55 | 3,922  
14 Mar 2008 /  #230
Q: What has washing clothes got to do with food?
A: Food fights.
zoogle 6 | 44  
14 Mar 2008 /  #231
8.Every condition, ailment, misfortune, memory loss and accident was attributed to the fact that you didn't eat something.

I laughed so hard I almost cried when I read this, my mum did this to no end. (Zjedz wiecej warzyw, brokula pomoze ci z oczami, itd.)
jkn005 1 | 127  
15 Mar 2008 /  #232
washing machine in the bathroom.

Not strange at's only the Brits that put it in the kitchen.

I've rented apartments with both of these arrangements in Poland. The one in the kitchen is way more out of place than one in the bathroom.

& no dryer :)

Hang drying saves electricity.
osiol 55 | 3,922  
15 Mar 2008 /  #233
Hang drying saves electricity

... in the bathroom?

For a moment, I read that as 'Hang gliding saves electricity' - I suppose it could do.
jkn005 1 | 127  
15 Mar 2008 /  #234
'Hang gliding saves electricity'

Haha well that wouldn't be false would it. Now how to get the glider in the bathroom is the problem.
gdj67 15 | 154  
27 Mar 2008 /  #235
.........just back from Warsaw. While I was there waiting for a tram I read the 'transport regulations' posted in English on a bus stop.

Apparently you get free travel on public transport if:

a) you have an uprising medal, and get this..........
b) if you were born on public transport!

El Gato 4 | 351  
27 Mar 2008 /  #236
The strangest things in Poland

Tourists...actually toursists anywhere are always strange. They always seem to wear a visor, sun glasses, short shorts, high socks, sandals, and a hawaiian shirt. They always have that smile on their face like they are enjoying where they are, but you can tell they just want to get back to the hotel and sit down because their feet hurt.
dnz 17 | 710  
27 Mar 2008 /  #237
The bread here is really strange it only seems to last a day, And trams thats a rather strange idea i've only seen them in Blackpool. Regarding the washing machine in the bathroom I found that rather strange too.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
27 Mar 2008 /  #238
Trams are not so strange. America and Japan still have them in places. Washing machine in the bathroom, never heard of that.

The bread only lasts a day or two because they don't put preservatives in it. U will see bez konserwantów on the labels.
osiol 55 | 3,922  
27 Mar 2008 /  #239
Washing machine in the bathroom, never heard of that

In the two houses and one flat I have been in in Poland, all three have had the washing machine in the bathroom. I only wish my bathroom was big enough for me to do the same. I don't see why dirty clothes and washing powder should be anywhere near food.

The bread here is really strange it only seems to last a day

My bread usually lasts less than a day. I eat it all before it gets a chance to go off.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
27 Mar 2008 /  #240
Aha, I haven't seen that yet Osioł. Enjoy ur bread and cheese u wee nibbler, hehehe

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