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Polish escort services - legal in Poland?

RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 498  
15 Apr 2009 /  #91
why are you lying to him? it is not illegal to pay someone for sex (otherwise most marriages would be made illegal :~). it is illegal to earn money from other's people prostitution.
15 Apr 2009 /  #92
Under Polish law it is legal to receive money in exchange for sex but it is illegal to give money in exchange for sex or to earn money from somebody else exchanging sex for money.
derek trotter 10 | 203  
15 Apr 2009 /  #93
Harry, you are lame.
Obviously you have never been to budrel/brothel ( agencja towarzyska ) in Poland, have you? ;)
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
15 Apr 2009 /  #94
,,,,,,,,a teenage aspiring to be a prostitute

I read that report too , its not so much that they desire to be prostitutes , but they see this as the only way out of poverty , and out of Russia....
16 Apr 2009 /  #95
Social agencies most certainly exist. I used to teach a man who ran five of them in Warsaw. But they are illegal. Just as it is illegal to pay for sex. Go look it up.
Piorun - | 658  
16 Apr 2009 /  #96
Just as it is illegal to pay for sex

Again misinforming people, here read carefully and consider revising your statement.
First of all, prostitution is not forbidden in Poland but that dose not mean it's legal either since the laws that govern the legal work status do not apply to this profession. Furthermore the law governing suppression of the traffic in persons and of the exploitation, effectively forbids registering of prostitutes, running the houses of ill repute, or conducting any activity that would force anyone to prostitute themselves. The illegal act that is on the books and not associated with the above deals with the acquisition of money for such activity mainly as a third party a Pimp not a John.

Art. 204:
1. Kto, w celu osiągnięcia korzyści majątkowej, nakłania inną osobę do uprawiania prostytucji lub jej to ułatwia, podlega karze pozbawienia wolności do lat 3.

2. Karze określonej w 1 podlega, kto czerpie korzyści majątkowe z uprawiania prostytucji przez inną osobę.

Poland chose an abolition approach to deal with prostitution. Not to punish the poor souls that choose to engage in such activity out of their own accord whatever the reason might be but rather to inflict the penalty on a third party that would profit from such activity. So while a single working girl somewhere on the street corner (Tirówa) and her John are not engaging in an illegal activity anyone running or visiting a brothel is.
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
16 Apr 2009 /  #97
Just as it is illegal to pay for sex.

So its ok to bonk em and run away without paying then....?
z_darius 14 | 3,965  
16 Apr 2009 /  #98
But they are illegal. Just as it is illegal to pay for sex. Go look it up.

I did. A quote from a Polish government site:

... Kodeks karny nie zawiera zakazu prostytuowania się. Tym samym nasz system prawny nie penalizuje zjawiska prostytucji. Karane jest natomiast zmuszanie do prostytucji ...

...The (Polish) Penal code does not forbid prostitution. Thus our legal system does not penalize the prostitution itself. Penalties are imposed against those who force someone into prostitution...

Source: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in Poland

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