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Poland's Craft Stores, Yarn Shops and Sewing/Fabric / Clothes Stores - in or near Krakow?

bookratt 6 | 85  
9 Jul 2007 /  #1
I am looking for the name of a chain store or brand name of some craft and sewing supplies that I will be easily able to find once I move to Krakow in September.

Does anyone know if "specialty" yarns such as Southwest's or Rowan's Bamboo, any brand of hand spun alpaca, or Koigu hand painted yarn is readily available there? If so, where? Are they called the same brand name there as here in the US? Are the prices outrageous, because they are imported?

Also, does Krakow have chain fabric shops such as Hancock Fabric Outlet or JoAnn Fabrics or similar, for inexpensive upholstery and sewing fabrics, cross stitch and embroidery supplies?

I am leaving my craft stash here when we come over for our long term assignment. I want to be able to replace some stuff so I can use it over there, but not have it cost an arm and a leg.

I may not be able to bring it all back with me and some items may be duplicates of what I already have here.

I'll probably bring my scissors and crochet hooks, knitting needles and easy to pack and carry smaller items with us, but my sewing and knitting machines will have to stay here, as will my fabric and yarn stashes.

Any crafters out there who can help me out on this one?
Amathyst 19 | 2700  
9 Jul 2007 /  #2
This is a huge mall so there might be something in there -
OP bookratt 6 | 85  
22 Jul 2007 /  #3
Nope, no yarn shops there. I'm here now and just got back from there yesterday; just returned from walking the square and the surrounding neighborhoods for hours today and again, nothing.

All I could find were fabric stores that sell only fabric; no thread, needles, buttons, scissors, yarn, hooks or accessories anywhere to be seen.

I was told to ask for velna sklep or "yarn store" and everyone looked at me like "what in heck is she saying?" Then I found an English speaker and she said "oh, only old babcias do that here, how old are you?" and then did not even know where I should look.

I asked at Jubilat (sp?), a kind of grocery/department store; at an art gallery; the hotel and my husband's work. No one knew.

Maybe I should have asked for crochet or tatting thread? I did see some crocheted items at the square for sale, but the older lady selling them knew only Polish and Russian and I cannot understand either.

Anyone have the correct Polish words for those crafts or for knitting or yarn? Or should I be asking for a sewing machine store or something else?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6139  
22 Jul 2007 /  #4
I'm not sure If that's what you mean but here is something you may order on-line. Y9ZwodHF4VGQ

And here is something in Kraków:
OP bookratt 6 | 85  
22 Jul 2007 /  #5
Grzegorz, very close to what I am asking about in crafts, thank you, but more like this: this is a store in my town but also a website for the national chain it is a part of,+needles,+&+pins_AL300510.html

this is an online store only but these items are carried in yarn shops in every town I have ever lived in here in the US.

I am basically looking for a store that carries yarn and patterns, needles, accessories, sewing supplies, sewing machines, fabric, buttons, etc all in the same store, as they do in Australia, US and Canada.

I guess this type of all-in-one- craft store does not happen to be in Krakow?

Maybe I should try a sewing machine store? Where would I look for that/what Polish words should I know to be able to look that up?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6139  
22 Jul 2007 /  #6
Try the place from the second link I posted.

Małopolskie Centrum Szycia i Robótek Ręcznych

Kraków, ul. Kalwaryjska 9 - 15. (obiekty Korony Kraków)

Definately they will have at least some of things you need.
24 Jul 2007 /  #7
Poland doesn't really do chain stores but you'll find a few yarn shops along ul. Karmelicka, a long street starting from the Bagatela theatre- look for the word "pasmentaria".
OP bookratt 6 | 85  
27 Aug 2007 /  #8

Info I recently found here:

"New store located in the Galeria Krakowska (mall) right behind the train station. (The craft store is on the lowest of the 3 levels.)

There are two really nice little "hole in the wall" shops on Karmelicka Street, just a few minutes' walk from the city center.

There is a good-sized store on the Maly Rynek, not far from the American consulate or the main square."
natalka - | 46  
11 Oct 2007 /  #9
i know this is a bit old...

but, i remember distinctively, that Długa street (Ulica Długa) had lots of fabric stores along the way ^_^
i also recall a store with embroidery supplies in the Krakow Plaza mall
(it's nearly in nowa huta) (im sure there are other places?!? but i lived in this area ^_^)

...and there are alot of "second hand" stores...everywhere really....that had some really interesting fabrics too ^_^
you have to search for craft supplies in krakow....that's for sure ^_^
(but again, lots of interesting second hand things there :)

the glue is a bit odd too. no high industrial strength ones
(that i found at the time....that match up to e6000! so take plenty of that if you use it ;)
if i remember more things, i will be sure to let you know ^_^

one thing i wish i brought with sewing machine.
of course, it is more difficult to bring that with you over seas ^_^
27 Oct 2007 /  #10
Does anyone know a website for a fabric store in Poland?
OP bookratt 6 | 85  
18 Nov 2007 /  #11
I agree with Natalka, bring your glue guns and glue sticks, and other high-strength glues with you.

There are plenty of places where DMC and Anchor embroidery thread and Aida cross stitch cloth is sold and Kreinik thread and blending filament, too. Prices are higher, but they do have them.

They have wonderful Italian, Polish, German and a few UK sewing and craft magazines at the Galeria Krakowska Empik store, as well as a few decoupage, beading and painting supplies.

The yarns in the small pasmenterie stores in the city center and surrounding areas, as well as in little areas like Borek Falecki and Skawina, are of lovely quality and come in beautiful colors and shades, but most is wool or wool blend and not necessarily washable, as our Wool Ease and similar brands at home are. No Red Heart acrylic for kids crafts can be found in the entire country, I fear! Fur yarn can be found in small quantity, but it's pricey, as are cross stitch, crewel, cutwork and hardanger kits, when you can find them.

Singer machines can be found at chains such as Tesco and Carrefour, but I would suggest going to a pasmenterie store that specializes in sewing supplies and machines to buy one there. I saw some good Pfaff machines at the pasmenterie at Galeria Krakowska recently. Again, they are pricier than at home, but you can get them.

I brought along my knifty knitter circle and rake looms, some small hand looms (ezee knitter, daisy wheel, doodle looms, etc) but cannot find vast quantities of washable yarn to use with them. I have not seen Jamie or Simply Soft yarns, two of my favorites for washable and soft baby items.

I wish I would have brought my bulky/manual knitting machine and enough yarn for several large, ongoing projects, my sewing machine and my entire filet crochet and cross stitch/embroidery thread collection, in hindsight.

They have plenty of thread for filet and lace crochet and some great magazines for this craft, too, but each ball of thread costs approximately double what I paid in the states.

If anyone gets over to the Korona Hotel area and checks out the craft store there, will you post here to let us all know?
8 Jan 2008 /  #12
[Moved from]: Shopping in krakow (clothes, etc.)

Thanks for all the help so far!

Last question before i go off on my travels on friday!

Anyone recommend the best shopping place/area in krakow (for clothes,etc)

cheers, looking forward to the visit now!!
Paulie163 1 | 7  
8 Jan 2008 /  #13

There are many small shops in the market square but the are also some big shopping centers such as Galeria Krakowska which is located next to the train station.


Hope this helps. have a nice trip
8 Jan 2008 /  #14
polish clothes/fashion you mean like this
6 Feb 2009 /  #15
Hello All. I am in need of some help. I am looking for Gorale/Krakowski/Lowicz Fabrics. Can anyone help me with a company(s) that might make the fabric to ship to US? I know there are many dance groups here and we get our costumes from Poland but would like to make my own. If you could help me out it would be greatly appriciated.



dbaird - | 1  
12 Feb 2009 /  #16
Hi, Can anyone offer assistance. I'd like to get some velvet or chenille material for curtains when I'm in Krakow next Sunday (for few days). Is it possible to get these in Krakow and how much approx per metre.

21 Mar 2009 /  #17 offering 100% wool floral fabric primarily used for Krakowiak skirts and other regions of Poland.
dhrynio 5 | 90  
7 Nov 2009 /  #18
Anyone know where I can find other quilting supplies like batting for the layer sandwiched between the material outside layers?
Wroclaw 44 | 5359  
7 Nov 2009 /  #19
most shops that sell material by the metre have it. although it never seems to have much bulk.
dhrynio 5 | 90  
7 Nov 2009 /  #20
Thanks Wroclaw.
My MIL bought me (excuse the spelling) fazolina. But that is not it. Batting it thicker and cushy like th inside of a bedspread.
Wroclaw 44 | 5359  
7 Nov 2009 /  #21
Batting it thicker and cushy like th inside of a bedspread.

Ah! i would have bought the same stuff as your MIL.

i've just asked the family.... no-one knows where to get the thick stuff.

wait for more replies.... someone knows.

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