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What's really cool about Poland - A new boy's point of view

blueboy 2 | 34  
3 Oct 2009 /  #1
I've been here a couple of weeks now and also read all the latest threads on this forum and thought it would be good to tell folks what I think of Poland so far. So from a Brit's point of view:

Firstly, I am NOT new to other countries. Having served in the British Army for 13 years, I've been around a bit. Dad was a squaddie too so I'm used to following him around the world! Born in Malaya, 17 years in Germany, a few too many tours in NI, a few dodgy trips to ..... (can't tell you) etc.

I am amazed at just how welcome I have been made by the Polish people since I arrived. Perhaps it's because my GF is Polish - but I don't think so.

Business has been easy, seems that a Brit in a suit with a good product and a smile goes down well.

Prices here are (in comparison with the UK) simply unbelievable. Everytime I go shopping, I feel like I've robbed the place!

Warsaw is so modern, just like any European city.

The language is difficult to learn but really cool - all that ZZZZ makes me want to sleep!

The food (when cooked by my GF) is fantastic - fresh, tasty - and cheap!

The beer is great!

The Vodka is even better!

They practically give ciggies away!

Public transport is fuc*ing amazing - always clean, always on time & cheap!

Polish women are gorgeous (with the exception of the occasional fugly)

Buildings are amazing!

History is inspirational!

Driving here is mental!

Kebabs here are wicked! and cheap!

Builders here do things the difficult way e.g. they build concrete blocks on site.

Zebra crossings here are really fuc*ed up!

Roundabouts are amusing!

The tramps are gentlemen!

The weather is how it should be!

3 Oct 2009 /  #2
Having served in the British Army for 13 years, I've been around a bit

Good on you! I just want to say never mind the cowardly leftie-liberals, some of us in the UK still support "our boys", and we're not all Sun readers :)
Seanus 15 | 19,704  
3 Oct 2009 /  #3
Good on ye, man. Poland really has a lot going for it but so many don't see that. When you catch a party in full flow, you are in for a treat. The biggest problem of Poles is that they don't drop their guard but when they do.....

Poland is a happening place to be, it'll only get better.
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
3 Oct 2009 /  #4
The tramps are gentlemen!

Thats something I noticed too !

Me and my mate were staying in a hotel that didn't permit smoking in the room. We like to have a drink and a smoke before we go out so we topped up a litre bottle of coke with a full bottle of whisky ( making it fairly strong )and went to the nearby park.

We were sitting sharing the bottle when one of the local gentlemen of leisure asked us for a drink because he was thirsty. We tried to explain that it wasnt just coke and there was whisky in it.

He couldnt understand us and intimated as if he was dying of thirst.

When the bottle was about a quarter full we passed it to him and he gulped down the remaining contents, finishiing it without taking a breath.

The look on his face as the whisky hit him..........took the breath out of him......once we picked him off the floor we all had a good laugh together and left him with a good impression of the Scots.
plk123 8 | 4,148  
3 Oct 2009 /  #5

awesome review blueboy.

The biggest problem of Poles is that they don't drop their guard

that is not a problem at all. that's just the way we are.
Seanus 15 | 19,704  
3 Oct 2009 /  #6
Poor man! Whisky is whisky in almost any language. You just concealed that from him for a laugh, LOL ;)

Well, when you are accustomed to people who drop their guard and are more open then it can be a problem, plk.

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