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Cheap way to call Poland

23 Sep 2007 /  #1
any one know of cheap way to call Poland
23 Sep 2007 /  #2
Skype. Don't ask. Don't tell.
23 Sep 2007 /  #3
Well relatively cheap (if you are making a lot of calls)....

I was finding that ringing Poland on my mobile was costing me £10 for seven minutes. What i have now is a Skype To Go number. I have been allocated a UK phone number which i can phone and it connects me to my beloved in Poland.
23 Sep 2007 /  #4
Jajah is really good.

I use it to call Prague from the UK, costs a couple of pence a minute, or free if both you and the person you are calling are registered.

Just checked out rates if calling from UK to Poland:

JAJAH Rates*

From landline: 2 pence to landline or FREE between Jajah Users.
10.5 pence to mobile phone or FREE between Jajah Users.
From mobile phone: 9.7 pence to landline or FREE between Jajah Users.
18.2 pence to mobile phone or FREE between Jajah Users.

* Applicable rates are displayed during the call and may vary depending on the operator.
For users from the EU: all prices are listed without 15% VAT.
As of May 1st 2007, free calls are only available from JAJAH Web.
(Jajah cheap rates still apply to all calls initiated from JAJAH Mobile Web and from JAJAH Mobile Plug-in).

I would check this out thoroughly though because all I know is it worked for calling my folks! I don't really know anything else about the company or even fully understand how it all works!!
23 Sep 2007 /  #5
In the US you can buy a phone card for $5.00 and talk for 750 minutes
25 Sep 2007 /  #6

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