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osiol 55 | 3,922  
21 Dec 2007 /  #31
they miss that particular kind of "English" food

We do import such things into our culture. Language and food are the things we borrow best from other cultures, so I for one am hoping a couple of Polish things become naturalised in these isles.

What is British food? It was something over 100 years ago, but for some reason traditional cuisine disappeared. Various things have been blamed, including WWI, WWII, rationing in the 1950s. These things didn't decimate other countries' food culture in the same way when it would have been less suprising if they had done.

Anyway, I cook all my own food from its basic ingredients - with a few herbs, spices, a good greengrocer and most of all, a good butcher, anything is possible. I am British, I cook, so therefore what I cook must be British! Especially if it's Italian, French, Indian or Thai. I'm working on picking up a couple of Polish recipes, but really I need to know the food well enough to be able to have a go at cooking it.

On the other hand, fish and chips which are 50% grease are something I think I would miss.
21 Dec 2007 /  #32
but does anyone actually miss deep fried mars bar...?

i never even ate one .... so i wouldnt know to miss it!!! Sounds fully disgusting to me
21 Dec 2007 /  #33
for some reason traditional cuisine disappeared. Various things have been blamed, including WWI, WWII, rationing in the 1950s.

It was the Industrial Revolution .
Wroclaw Boy  
21 Dec 2007 /  #34
I cant say I miss UK food that much as i really like the Polish cuisine. I would how ever like to get hold of the follow9ing on a regular basis.

Walkers crisps
Gravy Granules... so much easier than making it from scratch
fish & chips
decent CURRY

And please please can someone set up a tea bag import company, liptons just is'nt quite cutting it
okay 5 | 23  
21 Dec 2007 /  #35
isnt there a walkers crisp factory in poland?
21 Dec 2007 /  #36
they have Lays similar packageing to walkers crisps
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451  
21 Dec 2007 /  #37
English food delivered to your door in Poland just had a load of stuff arrive today yummy.....
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
21 Dec 2007 /  #38
what... one yesterday and one today...?

im coming round your gaff for tea :-)
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451  
21 Dec 2007 /  #39
im coming round your gaff for tea

Bring a gaz bottle with you , mine ran out.....but you are welcome.....hope you like beans...i got loads....
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
21 Dec 2007 /  #40
well if we eat enough beans we wont need the gaz bottle... i got a cigarette lighter...
21 Dec 2007 /  #41


i really dont want to be in the same room as you two boys when the gas starts emitting into the air ... jeeeeeessss .... !!!!!

dont light the lighter the place would go boom ... pmsl
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451  
21 Dec 2007 /  #42
if we eat enough beans we wont need the gaz bottle

That made me laugh quite a lot.....PAAARRRPPP... oops excuse me......
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
22 Dec 2007 /  #43
You know I thought about this once

- Maybe you should think again, together with, ahem, somebody else? ;) The shop and pub may really be a good biz. What dya think?

with a real English barmaid who can say "do I look like I'm your fukin servant?"

- Don't be so negative! - And indeed, that's the idea that the staff in the English shop and pub in Poland I mentioned should be English folks, who, ideally, can speak at least rudimentary Polish.
Daisy 3 | 1,227  
22 Dec 2007 /  #44
Don't be so negative! -

it was a joke Puzzler, I've been in pubs like it.... lighten up
joo who - | 100  
22 Dec 2007 /  #45
Cheddar Cheese Please!! The Seriously strong melt over my Heinz baked beans (oops just ate the last tin!) and jacket spud! I entered a cookery competition at a potato festival here, and walked off with 2nd prize (and a food mixer) for my exotic entry of jacket spud with butter and tuna/mayo...think the English pub grub idea could take off? But I am an imposter...ask my family...I can't cook! I think I should take the food mixer prize back! So the pub restaurant idea is up for grabs!

Roast lamb seems a bit rare here as well...more of a problem for my husband than me, as he's Welsh (and partial to a lamb every so often!) (that's definitely Welsh, and definitely not British...he says only immigrants in the UK call themselves British!)

... Devon clotted cream and sticky toffee pudding! Bread and butter pudding, with clotted cream, home made apple pie (& clotted cream), Christmas pudding with brandy butter .....and clotted cream!! Blackberry & apple crumble, with (u guessed it!) Devon clotted cream! Ha ha!! I'm flying to Devon tomorrow...I'll let you all know how the clotted cream was! That's if I can still fit into the standard Ryanair seat to get back again!!

Happy Christmas!

I MUST go and pack!!
22 Dec 2007 /  #46
Bread and butter pudding,

eewwwwwww ... a no no with me ... lol
Macduff 9 | 69  
22 Dec 2007 /  #47
Hi guys I do miss british food but the good news is that at least in Gdansk (Carefore) (spelling not my strong point) they are selling Heinz baked beans HP Sauce and Cheddar cheese to name but a few of the things that I missed when I first came over live in Poland. Still miss some good black pudding and Danish bacon

English food delivered to your door in Poland

Just had a look at this web site and I am impressed, will be putting an order in after the new year for the price they charge for delivery it is value for money with a large order
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
26 Dec 2007 /  #48
Heinz is actually an American company so Heinz Baked Beans are American if anything. When I was younger, I always thought they were British.

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