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What do Polish people think about Turkey?

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149  
30 Sep 2007 /  #31
I know for sure that Turkey should be kept out of the EU.

I prefer Turkey than some EU members.
Lukasz 49 | 1,746  
30 Sep 2007 /  #32
Jaszczolt 1 | 35  
30 Sep 2007 /  #33
Grzegorz, until we get that EU-constitution back in the trash bin where it belongs, Turkey should be kept out. There're few benefits and a very high risk that Turkey would have a bad influence, especially now, when the government party has turned towards a more islamic-friendly direction.
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
1 Oct 2007 /  #34
I just came back from Turkey.. its a lovely place. they are already using the Euro and most people want entry to the EU. Personally I dont want them in as I wont get my cheap duty free any more :) Other than that, I have no problem with it. I came across some Turks who know some Polish from meeting Polish tourists there.
morella 11 | 65  
16 Oct 2007 /  #35
jaszczolt is right altough ı m a Turkish:)about we have to be out of EU.. but there is one mistake in his comments, EU cant be described as an union of least they refuse it is established for economic and social purposes mostly..but who cares:)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149  
16 Oct 2007 /  #36
EU cant be described as an union of christianity

EU is rather a union of faggotry.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
16 Oct 2007 /  #37
Blimey. They've hidden that one well in the new EU Constitution or whatever name they are calling it now.
ryeka - | 3  
13 Jan 2008 /  #38
esra 84:

they cant understand your feelings what you mean. they are kidding and joking with the names ect. forget it all. we know ourself very well how nice country we have.if they need they know everythink about TÜRKİYE if not they show themself like silly. you must be proud with your country.

hoşçakal. I love TÜRKİYE . and istanbul specialy.
cfm - | 5  
3 Mar 2008 /  #39
i think turks are good chance for poland to get rid off nationalistic plans of that fukin nazi nation, the germans
i hope someday turks will grow enought to block german antiPolish ideas like exile-museum (now exiles later idea of pra polish western lands going back to germany) north gaspipe and heresy like that

it is polish national interest so turks could join european union so more of them could fload germany
Good luck for all of u my friends, great nation of turks!
Seanus 15 | 19,674  
22 Mar 2008 /  #40
Well Matty, this is fertile ground
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
22 Mar 2008 /  #41
What do Polish people think about Turkey?

I am English...but i live and work in answer the question....i prefer chicken......
osiol 55 | 3,921  
22 Mar 2008 /  #42
I keep seeing stuff about Turkish men and skype.
Has anyone asked the question 'Does Skype mean something dodgy in the Turkish language that encourages all the dodgy people to do dodgy things?'
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
22 Mar 2008 /  #43 the Turkish language means an unpleasant underwear stain.......
aliselim - | 4  
14 Feb 2009 /  #44
I don't agree with the people who says that Turkey is an islamic country.Firstly, It is not an islamic country.It's people are just muslims.Turkey is not like Iran,Iraq,Syria,Arabia.Secondly,Turkey is newly industrilized country and even a developed country.Therefore It can join the European Union.It's economy is the 15th biggest economy in the world.In recent years Turkey has been developed and still developing.Go to Istanbul,Ankara,Izmir(Major cities in Turkey) are very modern like European countries.Visit there and see with your own eyes.I am sure you will be impressed when you see Turkey.
Sinan - | 2  
14 Feb 2009 /  #45
I agree with aliselim. The bad reputation of Turkey is changing over the years I suppose but unfortunately,there are also many people who still think that Turkey is an Islamic country like Iran,Iraq...(naniii,ayooo,vununuuu :)
14 Feb 2009 /  #46
aliselim - | 4  
14 Feb 2009 /  #47
I agree with Sinan.Besides,Turkey didn't occupy Cyprus.It had just helped Turks who were under Greek pressure.
mafketis 36 | 10,850  
14 Feb 2009 /  #48
Turkish practice of Islam has always tended toward the more moderate and more sensible in the cities at least.
However, Turkey still falls far behind EU standards on freedom of religion and there's no indication that the country as a whole understands the European conception of freedom of religion or would agree to it, if they did.

Among other things it means:

- freedom to convert from any religion to any religion (and back again as many times as a person wants)
- freedom to marry with no regard to religion (for both men and women)
- freedom to proselytize
- freedom to publicly criticize features of another religion
- freedom to insult religion
- freedom to not practice _any_ religion

Even in the current EU it's hard for all member states to fully live up to these ideals and something tells me it will be harder for Turkish people (especially the more rural and/or poor segments of the population).

aliselim - | 4  
14 Feb 2009 /  #49
You are wrong Brentthruster.Turkey is very modern country and more developed tahn some other European Countries.Turkey is a country which is composed of modern muslims.We are also a european country.
Davey 13 | 388  
14 Feb 2009 /  #50
Turkey is very modern and the muslims in Turkey are much different from those of other islamic countries as many Turks have yugoslavian routes. Most of the muslim Turks I know don't even wear hijabs and aren't super religious. Turkey is very traditional yet liberal at the same time.
aliselim - | 4  
14 Feb 2009 /  #51
People who dislike Turkey has always showed Turkey in a bad situation.They have showed It's bad parts.That's why you think that Turkey can not join European Union.Look I am telling the truth.Some Europeans don't like Turkey because of the Ottoman Empire.Ottomans Made an huge invasion.They take few European parts and Middle East parts.They are afraid of Turks would invade Europe as they did.However we didn't take any people's freedom.If we would do the world's language would be Turkish.YES THESE ARE THE TRUTHS TURKS DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THESE KIND OF CONVERSATIONS BUT YOU SAY STUPID THINGS ABOUT TURKEY AND DON'T NOW ANYTHING ABOUT TURKEY BECAUSE OF YOUR IGNORANCE...

Sinan say something=D
Sinan - | 2  
14 Feb 2009 /  #52
Can'T say nothin' dude..! The blame is on the foreign press, public opinion and our prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who gives a negative influence about Turkey.

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