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Help to preserve my son's (half Polish) heritage, teach him language?

3 Jun 2007 /  #1
Hi there! I am single mom to a son who is half Polish (his father was born and lived in Poland until teens). His father is not a part of his life at all and i want to make sure i help my son to keep some sort of identity and understanding regarding his heritage. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to help him to maybe learn some polish. He is only 6 months old right now so I'd like to start getting some polish words in. I don't really have the time to devote to fully learning the language myself right now, but I'd really like to learn some of the basics too so that i can speak it with him a little. Does anyone have any advice on how best to proceed for the easiest and most effective way to do this??? I was thinking maybe some childrens/babies polish videos or books??? Any advice even besides the language for ways to help teach him about his heritage would be appreciated too! If need be i can be contacted privately ...THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP!

Lennon's mama
PolishXBarbie 3 | 50  
3 Jun 2007 /  #2
Go to some old book stores. I found a polish rhymes, songs and games book that was in english and polish so never know what you might find. But other then that get a program for the computer that is basic.
xXlisaXx 8 | 182  
4 Jun 2007 /  #3
Hi Kalee, is good to start. it's online and to start it's free, but it's £29.99 to download the full version and well worth it.

Good luck
OP Kalee  
18 Jun 2007 /  #4
Thank you to the replys :) anyone else?? I'd really like some childrens videos/cartoons for him especially, and maybe some flashcards and stuff like that too. Thanks for any help!
Nic - | 9  
18 Jun 2007 /  #5
Hi Kalee! I am a free user of BYKI and it does have flash cards that come in various forms. There are download lists as well. When signing up if you go one way or the other, they will notify you when a new listing comes out. I have worked on days of the week, months, alphabet and they have a drop down on screen keyboard. It can be fun and frustrating. If you work with your son, you both will develop a second language that is very useful. Contact me if you need some help.(Profile)

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