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The Polish Flag Is White, with red tape!

OP Griff 17 | 67  
23 Jul 2008 /  #31

Thanks for this info.

This is what I am talking about. Last time i was in the office, they said you can have 3 months or perm. To be honest as I will be getting a loan to build a house for about 30 years I will need perm anyway, but i was never told about 5 year card.
Avalon 4 | 1,068  
23 Jul 2008 /  #32
I have a 5 year residence card which expires in 2009. From information I have picked up over the past few months, the Polish government has not made a decision as to whether these cards will be continued/necessary. Polish nationals entering the UK to work/live do not need to have these permissions. I assume that these residence cards were obligatory prior to Poland joining the EU and that nobody has got around to recinding this law. The UK and Poland have recipricol agreements for taxation purposes now, so, it would make sense to abolish the need for permission to live here.

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