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English speaking church in Lodz?

Bev07 4 | 12  
17 Sep 2007 /  #1
Would anyone know of an English speaking church in Lodz....or a Polish church with an optional English service?
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
17 Sep 2007 /  #2
I have no idea, can't find anything except for the info that one church in Wrocław is having a holy mass in English.

About £ódź (but it's probably only in Latin):

Archdiocese £ódź
Chapelle St-Pie V ul Obywatelska 74 - £ÓDŻ
Dimanche et fête : 17.00
tél. : (48) 22 615 28 60
- rev. John Jenkins FSSPX

Holly Spirit Church Piotrkowska 20 £ódź
Sunday 19.30
28 Sep 2007 /  #3
Is there one church this is pentacostal church and many forent people comeing there i cant remember stree but if ou ask about dom studencki forent students i think is very near to kopcinskiego street next to hospital.
8 Nov 2009 /  #4
I know this is 2 years late, but are you still looking for an English speaking church to go to?
18 Nov 2009 /  #5
I you know of any churches that have services in English, please post them on the Churchsurfer site at // I am trying to gather this information into a database. Thank you, Dave.
29 Nov 2009 /  #6
It's a crying shame. I know of a person who went to several religious orders of priests, to ask them to have Mass in English at least sometimes. (The seriously religious will always go to Mass, no matter in what language it is in, but it's nice at least once in a while to understand the readings and the sermon.)

NOT ONE priest was interested. "Too busy".... and "We tried it last year but only a few came." (as if numbers of souls are imp., as opposed to a SOUL in need of grace?!) And these are religious orders that proclaim their great work in missionary lands, and/or are specialists in working with youth. Pardon? There are students in Lodz from every country, and this is a chance to help them grow in grace, is it not?

We couldn't figure this out. Maybe some day, it will "hit" the powers that be in Lodz, that there is wonderful missionary work right here on Polish territory.

(What is even more painful: I have Jehova's Witnesses and evangelical Baptists knocking on doors in my area, searching for young foreigners. Go figure.)
30 Dec 2009 /  #7
I want to be able to find information about polish churches in the internet in english, not the entire world speak polish and why? can the polish country lety the world know the beauty of the country to others.

I was married to a polish man. I make him a green card holder, give him a woerful son and he stole my house, hurt me and went to leave witj his mother.

I don't think all posih are like him.

agreedr not I want to know the country in which my son has somelood.

St. Cecilia

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