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Polish background music for presentation

SamiT 1 | -  
5 Nov 2009 /  #1

I will soon be making a presentation to some Polish guests at our church in London, and I'm looking for some Polish instrumental music as a background to the slideshow. Something they will identify with that is not offensive or boring or 'naff'. Can anyone advise me what I should be looking for and possibly where I can download it?


osiol 55 | 3,921  
6 Nov 2009 /  #2
Polonius3 994 | 12,367  
6 Nov 2009 /  #3
Chopin is indeed the best single choice. For multiple choices, also consider Moniuszko. There is a good all-instrumental album, a cross-section of the best-known Polish light classical and traditonal music called Echa Ojczyzny (Echoes of the Homeland). Dunno it it's still available.

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