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Polish Baby Shower

6 Aug 2006 /  #1
Hello! I am planning a baby shower for a wonderful young couple that live in Indiana, USA. The daddy is from Poland and this will be their 2nd child. Are there any special family traditions from Poland that we could use to celebrate this new arrival? I would like for the celebration to be a meaningful one for them.

Thank you kindly for your ideas!
diana m.
6 Aug 2006 /  #2
I think there are special traditions -- if the family has lived in the US for at least a couple of years, they will surely be adapted to the traditions here :). Bring some gifts for the baby (if you have no idea, cash will be welcomed too :).
OP mrsdmorris  
7 Aug 2006 /  #3
Thank you! Being raised in Brazil, I know that families celebrate in special ways and just wanted to add a fun game or treat, that would suprise them.

diana m
7 Aug 2006 /  #4
If You going party take with You some toys - grzechotki - , ...hmm and if parents smoke You can bring some other stuff too ...
12 Feb 2007 /  #5
Feb 12, 07 [20:24] - Attached on merging:
polish baby tradition?

i have a very good friend who is polish and she is having a baby. is there something special i can get for the baby? or her? it is a girl, julia. is there a traditional polish baby gift? thank you in advance.

8 May 2007 /  #6
you can give anything you think will be neccessary for the baby. however you should make sure it's OK with the parents. as someone said in this forum, if your Polish friends have lived in the US for a few years they're probably used to american traditions. but there is also a superstition in Poland (stupid i think) that it's a bad luck to buy things for the baby before she's born. i'm Polish myself and i had my baby in the US and i had 2 baby showers!!! i think it's a wonderful custom, and i think it's becoming more and more popular in Poland too. when i moved back to Poland, i wanted to throw a baby shower for my pregnant cousin. but when i spoke to her sister about it she said that it wasn't a good idea, even though everything was fine with the baby!!! all because some people think it's a bad luck!!! strange, huh?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,366  
8 May 2007 /  #7
all because some people think it's a bad luck!!! strange, huh?

It's the same in parts of the UK.
21 Feb 2009 /  #8
If you have ever had a child that is stillborn then you will know the pain of loss and going home to a house full of baby clothes etc adds to the pain of loss.

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