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Which area in Wroclaw (Krzyki, Psie Pole, Fabryczna, Srodmiescie..)?

Brecik7 3 | 2   25 May 2008 /  #1
Hi, my girlfriend and I are considering moving to Wroclaw after living in Krakow for several years. We are interested in moving to a pleasant area, with good transport links to the centre (and within 30 mins walking distance for late night drinks ;), close to parks for running and rollerblading.

We are looking for a relatively modern flat of about 35-45m2 with a budget of between 1400 - 1800 zloty.

Any suggestions as to which area: Krzyki, Psie Pole, Fabryczna, Srodmiescie and even Stare Miasto.

Thanks for reading and we're grateful for your contribution in advance.

Best wishes,
Brett and Magda

Puzzy 1 | 150   25 May 2008 /  #2
The best would seem Stare Masto, but, as regards your budget, I wonder whether you can afford renting a flat there?
OP Brecik7 3 | 2   25 May 2008 /  #3
Hi Puzzy,

Cheers for your contribution. We lived in a flat about 15-20 mins walk from the Rynek in Krakow for about 3 years. We liked the area very much. I guess we'd be happy to live just outside the Stare Miasto in Wroclaw to keep prices down and/or have a better quality place to live in.

Are you familiar with which areas just outside Stare Miasto would be suitable for us: pleasant, parks, walking distance to Stare Miasto? Which would you suggest (and avoid)?

z_darius 14 | 3,975   25 May 2008 /  #4
Niskie Ląki meet the "pleasant" requirements, and it's about 20 to 30 minutes from Stare Miasto (longer to get back if you're stoned). Mostly small houses where people sometimes rent out an entire floor with separate entrances.
polishcanuck 7 | 462   25 May 2008 /  #5
There is no shortage of flats in wroclaw so i suggest you find yourself a place close to the rynek (marketplace) for convenience. Unfortunately as a foreigner you'll be subject to higher rent so it may be beneficial for you to find a Pole (seems like your g/f is polish) to "do the talking" when looking for a place to live. My aunt rents a very nice 1 bedroom flat in a fairly new building near the tesco on ul. dluga (~15min walk NW from the rynek) and charges only 600zl (soon to be 800zl).

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