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Please verify my Polish phonetics

eebgb   4 Sep 2006 /  #1
I got a list of phrases from my grandmother years ago. I just found this site the other day. Could someone verify my phonetics, and possibly add the real word/spelling?

Thank you.

beer - Peevo
you talk dirty - Thee godas pasqudnas
you have a big mouth - Mos vee elkay modrah
give me a kiss - Thy meer boo zshe
I love you - Yachee co ha
sweetheart - Slothka said said
come here - Hotchka too thi
where you going – jeh ee jes
good night – doe brawn ots
got a sister – mos shawstray
where do you live – jeh me yescus
my pretty girl – moya pee achena jefcina
my pretty lady– moya pee achena cobee eta
old man – stodee jatht
keep quiet – bonch cheeho
you have new shoes – mos nova choosee
dirty boy – brood knee boy es
black bitch – sodknee pee alroan
why are you crying - sigothee bat sees

krysia 23 | 3,067   4 Sep 2006 /  #2
Boy, your grandmother sure had a way with words!
Tlum   4 Sep 2006 /  #3
I think these are basically all correct!
OP eebgb   4 Sep 2006 /  #4
Boy, your grandmother sure had a way with words!

I think I was on her case, or she was getting back at my father (her son).

I think these are basically all correct!

Do you know any of the real words? All the phonetics are mine.
Tlum   4 Sep 2006 /  #5
Yes - you got them right in English (eg beer is piwo in Polish etc...)
krysia 23 | 3,067   4 Sep 2006 /  #6
beer - pee vo/ piwo
you talk dirty - tee moo-vish pas-kood-nye/ ty mówisz paskudnie
you have a big mouth - mash vee-yel-kow more-deh/ masz wielką mordę
give me a kiss - die me boo-she/ daj me buzi
I love you - ya che ko-ham/ ja cię kocham
sweetheart - swod-key-e ser-tse/ słodkie serce
come here - hoch too/ chodż tu
where are you going? - gje ee-djesh?/ gdzie idziesz?
goodnight - doe-bra-notz/ dobranoc
got a sister - mash she-os-try/ masz siostry
where do you live - yak me-yesh-kash/ jak mieszkasz?
my pretty girl - mo-ya pee-yenk-nah jefchina/ piękna dziewczyna
my pretty lady - mo-ya pee-yenk-nah koe-bee-ye-ta/ moja piękna kobieta
odl man - sta-ree jiat/ stary dziad
keep quiet - bonch chee-ho/ bądż cicho
you have new shoes - mash no-ve boo-tee/ masz nowe buty
dirty boy - brood-ny hwo-pi-yetz/ brudny chłopiec
black bitch - tzia-na soo-ka/ czarna suka
why are you crying? - che-go tee pwa-chesh?/ czego ty płaczesz?

You had them pretty good. It's best if you'd hear them in person.
OP eebgb   4 Sep 2006 /  #7
You had them pretty good. It's best if you'd hear them in person.

Thanks again. Actually I heard them from my grandmother (babcia?), that's how I wrote the phonetics. I guess I should have clarified, I was sort of looking for the following:

One beer please / Jedno piwo, proszę / Yed-no peevo prosha
Word (or phrase) / polish / phonetic

This site helps alot. I'm starting to pick up a few words again.
krysia 23 | 3,067   4 Sep 2006 /  #8
ok. go back and check the last post again.
OP eebgb   5 Sep 2006 /  #9
Thanks again. That will help when I check back to the site and see it written. Most often when someone responds to a query, it seems to be written out that way (not phonetically).
detroit   13 Nov 2006 /  #10
Just one remark:

"where do you live - yak me-yesh-kash/ jak mieszkasz? "

jak mieszkasz does not mean where do you live, but it means how do you live... I know I am being picky.

where do you live is "gdzie miszkasz" I have no idea how to write it phonetically.

ok, it was suppose to be jak mieszkasz not jak miszkasz, forgive me spelling mistake.
newBabcia   6 Feb 2007 /  #11
Hi. Iam a new grandma and Polish. My grandma isn't around anymore to ask and i'm looking for derivitives of "grandma" for myself. Could you please help. I thought my name would be Buscha, at least that's what a woman from church told me. Could you give me the proper spellings and the phenetic way of saying it. Thanks a bunch.
krysia 23 | 3,067   6 Feb 2007 /  #12
The correct word for grandmother is babcia. BOB-CHA
poprawiacz   14 Feb 2007 /  #13
grandmother = babka
grandmommy = babcia

but its true we usually use sweeter form
chickiemomo   23 Jan 2009 /  #14

I would like to learn to sing the Happy Birthday song in Polish. Is there a Polish version with the words spelled phonetically? Tom
Wroclaw 45 | 5,409   23 Jan 2009 /  #15
I would like to learn to sing the Happy Birthday song in Polish

Read this thread: Polish Birthday Traditions
Kimmybabes   15 Feb 2009 /  #16
I work with a polish girl and it was her birthday th other day and we asked her how you said it in Polish and she said they don't really wish each other happy birthday as such, they tend to wish each other "all the best" but I can't remember how you say it now haha!
JustysiaS 13 | 2,242   15 Feb 2009 /  #17
"all the best"

wszystkiego najlepszego

100 lat is also very popular
Guest   16 May 2009 /  #18
i dont know where your grandma was from but she must have been from either the mountains, been from some tiny village, or been from a region called kujawy. the way you wrote TALK (godas). maybe she didnt have teeth. I dont have the proper font but i will use the basic letters. Talk: Muwic (its supposed to be a closed U, the O with the "accent" mark). Your grandmother probably said gadasz pronounced GADASH. It's actually an almost slang term for the work speak/talk. As for the other words, you is spelled TY and pronounced T and the y is like the I in "think." Paskudnie doesnt actually mean dirty, more like aweful pronounced the way it's spelled. If anyone has more questions email me on my hotmail account: witalis007

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