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Polish Translation software

27 Nov 2005 /  #1
Hello everyone,

I am a Polish person sincerely interested in a future in translating from Polish to English and vice versa. I have been doing a lot of research on translation software and programmes that would enable me to keep a record of my assignments, hasten the actual process of translating as well as increase my productivity but the number of them is endless and the search daunting.

Therefore I would like to ask for advice concerning the above. Maybe some of you being experienced and having worked in this field for some time can come up with some suggestions for me . I am particularly interested in software that translates accurately and includes dictionaries (Polish-English, English-Polish) or is it better to buy them separately and install them on the computer. I came across Neuro Trans, Trados software but know nothing about it , is anybody familiar with it , if not what other Polish-English translation software would you recommend for a beginner and why.

Any advice would be very welcome and many thanks for your interest and assistance.

Confused Tosia
mark one  
27 Nov 2005 /  #2
I would not touch anything from Techland, very poor software, back up from the company is very bad
14 Jan 2006 /  #3
You are talking about two different things:

1) machine translation: you input the source text and you get a text that is supposed to be in a destination language. Yes, it IS NOT, it is only supposed to be in a destination language. An example of such a translation can be foun eg. here:

2) Computer Aided Translation - meaning translation using CAT tools eg. Trados, SDLX, DejaVu, WordFast. In this case it is a human translator who does the translation. Software is used only to find the phrases that has already been transleted or words, that are already known.

If you want to earn your living with translations, I suggest not to either touch the software from the first group. It may (sometimes) be helpfull to understand the main idea ot the text but you would not like to show it to anybody.
14 Jan 2006 /  #4
There's a yahoo group called tlumtech for those interested in computer-aided translation from and into Polish
8 Nov 2006 /  #5
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8 Nov 2006 /  #6
I work for a translation company as a proofreader for skrivanek in Poland, and they use CAT tools e.g. Trados. The only bit advice that I would say about this tool is to be careful, as if you make a mistake in the 1st place then the mistake is repeated throughout the document. Another slight problem with it is that some times it plays with the layout and format of the document, and you can find items missing when the final cleaning is done i.e. bubble text is quite a problem as I had a problem the other day where it deleted the reference point in the text relating to the information at the bottom of the page. With regards to actual translating tools, Guest is correct, most of them are very bad and only give an idea of the text i.e. straight translation, which any translator knows you cannot do a straight translation from English to Polish and vice versa.
Babylon 16 | 192  
27 Nov 2006 /  #7
Confused Tosia

contact me and I will help YOU for sure, write to me an email: lewaskrzynka@
tom wilson  
12 Dec 2006 /  #8
could someone please tell me what
"have you got msn" is in polish as in talkin to a female please!!

27 Jan 2007 /  #9
download babylon its spot on translation
3 Mar 2007 /  #10
Mar 3, 07 [10:16] - Attached on merging:
Is there any decent Translation software package ?


Ive been on this forum a few times asking for translation help and people have been extremely helpful for me. I know however that I cant keep just asking for sentences to be translated, so was wondering if anyone knew any decent software packages to translate ? Im trying to get the basics of polish BUT Im finding it very difficult in comparison to my grasp of languages like french or german.

If anyone can suggest a decent software package that may aid me, that would be fantastic !

krysia 23 | 3,058  
3 Mar 2007 /  #11
Rosetta Stone offers good Polish lessons and so does Poltran does translations but a human is best for accurate translations. Computers cannot translate sentences properly because they translate words exactly and in turn don't make sense in Polish.
sledz 23 | 2,250  
3 Mar 2007 /  #12
Rosetta Stone offers good Polish lessons and so does

I must have told people this too, at least a dozen times.
Its all in the archives..:)
8 Mar 2007 /  #13
Mar 8, 07 [10:48] - Attached on merging:
rosseta stone softwere to learn polish is that any good

just boght that does any one use this before does help or is waste of money better go to school
sledz 23 | 2,250  
8 Mar 2007 /  #14
just boght that does any one use this before does help or is waste of money better go to school

Ya, I have it...I think it works good........

Transparent language has a good program also...:)

did you just buy it or are you going to buy it....:(
John 3:16  
6 Apr 2007 /  #15
Apr 7, 07, 10:18 - Attached on merging:
Polish-English translation software

Anyone have experience with this type software? Online services either charge or won't allow more than a few characters. This would be used for personal email only. Thanks
7 Apr 2007 /  #16
Try this:
John 3:16  
6 Apr 2007 /  #17
Apr 7, 07, 10:20 - Attached on merging:
Free translation vs pc based software

The web searching I've done hasn't produced free translation services I'm looking for. Does anyone have experience with pc based translation programs for polish/english. It would be used for personal email only. Cost considerations, under $100. Thanks
daffy 23 | 1,508  
6 Apr 2007 /  #18
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life

John 3:16  
6 Apr 2007 /  #19
Bless you Daffy!
13 Apr 2007 /  #20

Great site - it translates literally, so you need a reasonable IQ to sort out a long passage, but it works quite well.
26 Apr 2008 /  #21
Hi, I was gonna work for this company Skrivanek in Poland also, but I didn't think there offer was legitimate. Are you happy with that company and how is the pay for Poland? Of course, if you don't mind the questions.
Firestorm 6 | 400  
17 Jul 2008 /  #22
I think you better work on this language first. Then mb try loish.. lol
z_darius 14 | 3,968  
17 Jul 2008 /  #23
I'm pretty sure that is you spend $100 on whiskey or beer, and drink it all in a day, or two, then you will be as good a translator as any software based translators advertised as good ones. No such thing exists between Polish and English, save for individual words and some trivial clusters of words.
18 Jul 2008 /  #24
One thing my wife does for her scientific work is to upload the Polish text onto her webpage, and then put it through "translate this" in google.

Google seems to have about the best translator out there at the moment and after she edits the page to clean it up.

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