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Looking for opinions on some teach yourself polish materials

Irisheyz77 3 | 44  
16 Sep 2007 /  #1
Hi all, In an attempt to help teach myself Polish I recently purchased the following items:

Mastering Polish by Albert Juszczak - /Mastering-Polish-Master-Albert-Juszczak/ and

Teach Yourself Polish - /Yourself-Polish-Complete-Package-Courses/

I was just wondering if anyone had used these materials and how useful they were. Thanks!
16 Sep 2007 /  #2
Teach Yourself Polish

I bought this one. It's ok. But I am a little suspicious of their pronunciation. I have been listening to Polish over the last dozen years (and in the process picking up vocabulary and pronunciation) and some of it just seems wrong to me. Listening in the car has precluded me from reading the booklet, but I am sure it is very complimentary to the audio portion.

One of the guys on the CD keeps on pronouncing "Nie" like he is angry, doesn't seem to be in context.

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