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I know Russian language - will it help me learn Polish?

Marek 4 | 867  
3 Dec 2008 /  #61
Da, ja znaju-:) Spassibo. Nje charashol govorju ruskij jazyk, ja uczu.
Sasha 2 | 1,083  
3 Dec 2008 /  #62
Interesting... I can hardly understand films in Polish (well... I get the notion but no more than that). I grew up with Russian only though.


You would better firstly learn how to properly speak Russian yourself.
Marek 4 | 867  
3 Dec 2008 /  #63
Not surprising, Sascha! Although the two languages are from the same familiy, they're scarcely 'kissing cousins', so to speak--:) Same with Dutch and German, Swedish and Danish, Finnish vs. Estonian etc... Before I actually studied Swedish and visited the country, my knowledge of Danish barely sufficed to make even basic conversation with a Swede, much less watch a movie or read a novel in that language!!
Sasha 2 | 1,083  
3 Dec 2008 /  #64
Where did you study Swedish?
I actually love the way it sounds (at least by Kent music band)... but before Swedish I gotta learn German. :)
Marek 4 | 867  
3 Dec 2008 /  #65
In terms of sheer speaker percentage, there's no comparison between the importance of German compared to Swedish--:)
Sasha 2 | 1,083  
3 Dec 2008 /  #66
I do realize that Swedish is the language as we say "dlia dushi" for the soul, rather than it can help you in your career or something.

In Moscow it's really expensive to study Swedish... Think it should be cheaper in the US.
Marek 4 | 867  
3 Dec 2008 /  #67
in Polish, 'dla duszy' (paa svenska 'till sjalen' , pa niemiecki 'fuer die Seele') and indeed, Swedish doesn't have the cache of either Russian or German, but is important, if anything, because the Swedes themselves are important!!

The myth that the Swedes all speak excellent English arose during the 60's, when the band "Abba" and a spate of blue movies ('Jag ar nyficken gul' etc.) helped propagate the image of Sweden as some sort of paradise!--:)

In fact, while many Swedes do speak English quite fluently, often with a curious British-US accent mixture, this by no means indicates that they communicate better in it than in their native language.

By all means, DO LEARN SWEDISH, should professional/personal endeavors dictate that you do so.
scorpion Ext ru  
25 Oct 2009 /  #68
marek i complitly agree with you why the fuck do we need to learn english
poskay ani ujatsa govarit po Ruski , Polski .........

Rus Scorpion
southern 75 | 7,096  
25 Oct 2009 /  #69
The problem is when you use russian words in front of a polish girl.They become extremely unhappy.
Sasha 2 | 1,083  
25 Oct 2009 /  #70
May I ask what's your native tongue? :) Neither English nor Russian seem to be it.

They become extremely unhappy.

:( Why so? Russians are soooooo cute!
Wulkan - | 3,243  
25 Oct 2009 /  #71
I know Russian language - will it help me learn Polish?

Not much
scorpion Ext ru  
26 Oct 2009 /  #72
well its Russian and Arabic too. And why are you asking? Ne nravitsa
Sasha 2 | 1,083  
27 Oct 2009 /  #73
well its Russian and Arabic too

Hm... You've got two native tongues? Interesting mixture... :))
gumishu 12 | 6,086  
29 Oct 2009 /  #74
hahaha good one ;) I like Russian language - it sounds great to my ear - but guess what I like many languages for their individual traits - they all have these nice little or bigger unique things - unique sound etc
scorpion Ext ru  
31 Oct 2009 /  #75
I speak russian but i like to learn polish . you think its hard to learn?!?
31 Oct 2009 /  #76
As a native Slavic-language speaker, you'll find Polish far easier I'm sure than a German or particularly a native English speaker would. Much of your common charactaristics already bridge the gap, whereas an Anglo-Saxon has to contend with over five cases, typically, palatalized consonants, complex verbal aspects and a mostly completely foreign word stock.
18 Dec 2009 /  #77
I am learing russian and want to learn polish also but how i can learn polish? There is no learning centre of polish in Dhaka. So anybody from russia or poland interested to help me in learning these languages through online and email? Not only that I want to make a long lasting friendship (even marriage) if u and me come to a point for long relationship 4 life. I need a polish & russian language teacher/ doctor/nurse who can teach me these languages properly and would like to understand, feel and care me all the lifetime. Equally I can learn the languages properly. So anybody who have real and true wished to me can write me with details directly soon to: mosaddekshaheen@yahoo.

No fraud or cheat is allowed to contact. Only genuine polish and rrussian girls/women r invited for real relationship. I need honest, trustworthy,broadhearted and unconditional persons to teach me and like me as her bosomest friend in this selfish world.

Waiting 4 anybody who needs me.
I am a gentleman, reliable, trustworthy,well educated with a good sense of humour. I like study, TV,Cinema, Writing features, sight seeing and learing foreign languages.

Waiting for the above mentioned girl/women friends!!!
18 Dec 2009 /  #78

I'm from Poland amd I can help you in our grammar. My e-mail is
19 Dec 2009 /  #79
Polish is morphologically slightly more complex even than Russian. The former has seven working cases, the latter six, and although Polish pronunciation is more phonetically transparent than Russian, Polish has a more intricate counting system than Russian.

Aspectually though, both languages are about the same:-)

No, zgadzasz się, Madźiu?
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
19 Dec 2009 /  #80
There are some similarities. I'm learning some now but I don't want to get into Cyrillic. Just some stock phrases.
19 Dec 2009 /  #81
I found Russian 'l' difficult at the beginning. Sometimes it's a "dark velar" as in "golodnij" (Polish "głódny") or alveolarized as in French or German, e.g. in the family name "Kalinkov" or "let" etc....

Polish seemed/seems more regular in this respect (...if only in this respect!)

Seanus 15 | 19,706  
19 Dec 2009 /  #82
this is very useful. You really learn the basics well here.

I don't really need Russian but it's such a nice language.
19 Dec 2009 /  #83
I agree Seanus.
Thanks for the suggestion:-)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
19 Dec 2009 /  #84
There are also no known critics of the full immersion approach. There is a Youtube video where the guy watched movies in Russian, not understanding what they were saying, but picked up a few things. The same with Russian music. It seeps in and you need to absorb yourself in it. Never underestimate the human subconscious :)

I listen to a lot of TATU and gain from that.
19 Dec 2009 /  #85
Might indeed be useful:-)))
Always good to know.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
19 Dec 2009 /  #86
I listen to a lot of TATU and gain from that.

here you go. practice the numbers one, two, three in russian.
19 Dec 2009 /  #87

Drawing from my own experience, it's super easy to confuse Russian with Polsh pronunciation, which, as you know already, is quite a bit different. False friends too abound, and therefore, TAKE IT SLOW!!!!
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
19 Dec 2009 /  #88
That's the best advice but I am under no pressure to learn. I find that I can pick things up more freely that way. There is no gun at my head and no tests in front of me.
19 Dec 2009 /  #89
Regrettably, less of a gun to your head than to the head of Russian pupils learning ( hate....! LOL) English in school!!

Who's to say if a bit of gentle pressure's not altogether a bad thing? -:)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
19 Dec 2009 /  #90
Lyzko, are you Polish or Russian or a mix? A little stress is needed for sure. Russian suits me better in some ways as it's softer. Scottish people tend not to have an easy time of making hard sounds. My wife tried to teach my parents to say CZ in the proper way but it always came out weaker than it was supposed to be, more like CI. My mum knows a little Russian as she studied it some years ago.

You can imagine the lesson where my wife tried to teach my parents to say CZIPA, LOL. The soft version is, um, different ;) ;)

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