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What does changing this name ending mean?

Fiasco 2 | -  
2 Jun 2009 /  #1
Hi All,

I've been dating a Polish girl for a while and the relationship has become a bit strained with the distance as she is in Poland now for the next two years. While I was over at the weekend we had a talk about not being so involved but it was hard to say what we agreed on really. Her name is Dobrusia but she always signed off her name as just "d." in her emails. Her most recent one she has signed off as "Dobrucha". I have always had trouble remembering the maening of the different forms off her name. Does this imply that she is being more formal with me and trying to put some distance between us? I presume she is trying to send me the message with this but I didn't want to miss some other subtulty or take a meaning where none was intended. Any help would be great.

Seanus 15 | 19,706  
2 Jun 2009 /  #2
Dobrusia sounds more cutesy to me, like a diminuitive. Dobrucha is a bit more formal and I think your intuition may well be right. They can alternate but usually they stick to one form unless a strong reason dictates otherwise.

I hope that helped, Liam.
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,441  
2 Jun 2009 /  #3
I think you are reading too much into that. If in doubt, ask her. I personally use different variations of my name depending on my mood, so I would not worry if I were you:)
chi 1 | 33  
2 Jun 2009 /  #4
You shouldn't worry to much Fiasco...
I think it just shows that she feels relaxed and close to you... :)
It's even nicer than "D" in my opinion... :)
gumishu 13 | 6,064  
2 Jun 2009 /  #5
well actually her entirely formal name is I guess Dobrochna

Dobrusia is a diminutive of that

and Dobrucha is sort of augmentative of that diminutive ;) (sort of this bad or not so nice Dobrusia)
magpie 6 | 133  
4 Jun 2009 /  #6
Various names become longer, not shorter when using the diminutive version. e.g. Teresa become Terenia and so on.

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