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5 Jan 2008
Life / "I can spot a Pole a mile away" - Polish fashion? [146]

May i just say - all this talk about glasgow cant be further from the truth!!!!yes Glasgow has a high knife crime rate - yes there are many people in Glasgow whom are Polish - and i very much doubt polish people are "pushy" you cant possibly generalise all polish or even glasweigans this way - its ridiculous! i was told about 4 years ago the worst thing to be in the city of glasgow is english - and worse than that - from london! now i have been here 4 years like i have said - and NEVER had any trouble - nor have i heard of any poles getting dangerously close to a "doing" - if anything - there is a bit of tension about poles stealing all the work - but no one has ever said anything about stabbing a pole - the only people who get stabbed here are gang members - or the polis! - i wonder if half of you have even been to glasgow?