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28 Dec 2007
Life / Do Polish people respect other cultures? [96]

not gonna lie my parents are pretty racist
they're slowly starting to get over it...
They think Poland is the only country in the world that has people with morals.
of course they wouldn't admit to it.
28 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Will Polish names eventually become popular in the UK? [53]

well yah some polish names are absolutely beautiful and the ones that are easier to say
will probably be used, its kind of like the large number of hispanics in the united states.
There are so many but you dont see many americans giving their children spanish names.
its not that the names aren't nice, and many are very easy to pronounce but they are
also really cultural.
28 Dec 2007
Love / Polish blonds are so beautiful [99]

yeah thats true
thats personal physical preference though
but you cant say that brunettes have this personality and blondes have this personality
maybe if we're talking about culture and the way people were brought up it would make a difference
buttt if we're just talking colour? absolutely nothing
28 Dec 2007
Love / Polish blonds are so beautiful [99]

yahhhh like when attractive people are snobby and rude..
thats the worst, its such a shame.
but you knowww.. it happens more often than not