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22 Dec 2007
News / Will Poland become green? [122]

The day before yesterday (Dec 21 2007) (Red) Ken Livingston, the Mayor of London, announced on BBC World Sevice (programme Outlook), that he is aiming to reduce carbon emissions in the UK's capitol by 20%. Already he has impossed some messures, some are unpopular, (congestion charge) and others more popular, (improved public transport with green low emisson buses).

So my question is. What can Poland do to improve the worlds atmosphere?

This is something that concerns us all. We will pass the point of no return in the next decade!
17 Dec 2007
Life / British bus drivers in Poland (documentary) [6]

Dear Haruka

I received your email through PKS Żywiec. I've already been on TV twice in Poland and two more things will be before xmas. I also spoke to BBC world service but declined more TV. I'm not really interested in any more TV
17 Dec 2007
Life / Brits moving to live in Poland [88]

Rex .... you really do have a problem don't you ....

I think your right about this chap! Maybe it is time he went back home. Life's not always about making fast money, and from my experience in life it didn't matter how much money I earned in the past. I've always needed another tenner. Now I'm happy, I can just grab my snowboard....(I don't do skiing).....and go to any of the mountains that surround my home....(I get there for free on PKS)....and ride till my hearts content.
16 Dec 2007
Life / Brits moving to live in Poland [88]

Not everything that the newspapers have quoted me as saying are 100% true. I am enjoying my life in the mountains, and i do think I will stay. But let me just set the record straight on a few points. The bus company did not (and I never said that it did) "snap me up without an interview". It took me three and a half months and 1400zł to cut my way through the 'red tape'. The other point I need to clear up is that I didn't come out here to be a bus driver. I came out here to be with Kamila and I took the job as a bus driver because we need to eat!!