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18 Dec 2007
Life / Polish Birthday Traditions [42]

Yes, this is right. I found several videos on YouTube with people singing Happy Birthday in Polish, (Sto Lat). I found the music to it on another Polish Organization website. My 11 year old daughter plays piano, she learned the melody and added a chord to it and we sang Sto Lat, for my brother's birthday. It totally suprised him.

14 Dec 2007
USA, Canada / Americans who call themselves Polish - how do you feel about that? [112]

How do you feel about Americanss who call themselves Polish even though they speak English with an american accent and know very little Polish, have lived in the US most of their life, practise US customs etc?

Do you think that they are kidding themselves that they are Polish?
Should they simply say they are americans?

I am American born, and only 1 part Polish in my ancestory. However I grew up in a Polish neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, went to a Polish Elementary and High School and Polish Catholic Church and as an Alter Boy I had to learn the Mass in Polish. I cherish the Polish Koledy that I learned at Midnight Mass all those years. The rest of my ancestory is Slovak and 1 part Hungarian. But my Polish influence growing up, comes out the most. I am very proud to be at least one part Polish.