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Speaks Polish?: I am learning to speak. My girlfriend is polish.
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12 Mar 2008
USA, Canada / Polish Marriage Lessons - NJ - Help Needed [3]

Thanks for checking out this topic.
I am US born German/Swedish and getting married to my Polish fiance Iwona in June, with a US wedding. At the end of the summer we are getting married in Poland in her hometown of Bielska-Baila. I am not catholic, I am (hardly) of Christian faith. My understanding is that I need to take marriage lessons. We live in NJ and I am not sure how to go about doing this. Do I need to go to a Polish church to take these classes? I have tried contacting a couple of churches, but I got no response. Should I just go down to the church and ask someone? If so, who do I ask? We live in Hackettstown, but anywhere in Morris County to take classes is fine by me. Does anyone know of a place they recommend? Any help would be appreciated.

21 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / New Polish Deli in Boonton and Parsippany, New Jersey [8]

The deli is on myrtle ave (Route 202), right by the Boonton Bowling Lanes. This is close to the Montville border. From what I here the place has good food. I have not been there, but the lines look long.

5 Dec 2007
Language / Why do people want to study Polish? [90]

My reason for starting to learn Polish is that I am dating a Polish girl and I am serious about her. I also like to learn new languages, but I have to say this is more challenging than I thought.