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21 Oct 2006
Work / Job opportunities in Poland for a foreigner? (other than a teacher) [175]

hi all

im thinking of relocating to poland from the u.k to be with my girlfriend...but the ever present problem of work is looming.what are the chances of me just moving there and finding a job.i have looked into native speaking but if i can would rather do somthing else.i really dont see myself as a teacher.she lives in opole but would consider moving somwhere else but not too far from opole.

thanks in advance for any advice.
6 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / anyone on orange pay monthly?? [5]

hi..ive just recently got an orange pay monthly contract...dolphin...i think...with 500 mins and 500 texts...does anyone know if i send text messages to poland will the text come out of my free bundle or will i have to pay extra for the texts...P.S in the uk.
3 Jan 2007
Life / search function problems with gadu gadu [30]

hi all :)

im trying to search for someone using the search function on gadu but no results came i tried a random search trying random names and polish cities but nothing comes up...the sun that tells you gadu is saerching justs spins forever..

anyone else ever had this problem or know how to resolve it?
and yes im typing names and cities in the right boxes and im connected to the internet :)

thanks a lot.
2 Feb 2007
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]

instead of insulting the thread poster...why not try to understand his situation and try and give a little advice...instead of resorting to childish comments...ok.. he may have said some bad words...but sometimes people do this when they are upset..

someone said something about polish people comind to england to clean toilets...this is just not true...polish poeple come to england and get the same chances as native people here...i wish i could say the say the say thing for poland!!!
28 Feb 2007
Travel / Have you ever been in Poland? [111]

im going to visit a very special friend:) .....stopping in opole but visiting krakow.