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16 Nov 2007
USA, Canada / It's Official... I'm finally moving to Canada... [76]

When i come back from Cuba in september hopefully.. And Thanks.. i'll probably get eaten by a bear of course on my first though.. ;-)


tell me where you are moving to and i will send a few bears to maul your British ass

i dont know witek, Those British guys are pretty tough;

see here; ........
21 Nov 2007
USA, Canada / NO VISAS to Canada for Poles in the near future [62]

Welcome Polish people!...Poles helped build Canada to what it has become.

I understand that i dont need a Visa to visit Poland so eliminating Visa's to visit Canada seems fair.

Canada is now being invaded by non europeans (third worlders) and I have a problem with that. I make no apoligies. It is important that Canada maintains its European- Christian identity.

Lots of opportunities here...We NEED workers..Unfortunately White people in Canada put their careers first and raising a family is a result we have a shortage of births ..hence we need people.