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9 Sep 2007
USA, Canada / I can teach you the Polish language in Montreal, Quebec :) [10]

I'm interested but need 4 useful posts to email you. Strange rules.

But if you're still around, can you please drop me an email or pm here?


Oh, I noticed I am too late. It was for 6 months so you are not in montreal anymore :(
6 Nov 2007
Real Estate / It's hard to find cheap furnished studio for monthly rent in Poland! [3]

Hello, I'm looking for cheap monthly furnished studio's in either wroclaw, lodz, krakow, warsaw or any where else with people. I would need decent price for a few months. All I can find is stuff about 1100 euro which in my opinion is an insane price. In Montreal I can find fully furnished studio of 2 rooms for $750cdn. Why is it so expensive in Poland? Can anyone help on this matter? I can't find anything online for a reasonable price.
25 Nov 2007
USA, Canada / NO VISAS to Canada for Poles in the near future [62]

Another Canadian here that would welcome a large polish immigration influx to Canada. Good values and overall good people. Hmmmm, maybe that's why I'll be marrying one in the new year :)