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12 Oct 2008
Life / How well is English spoken in Poland? [27]

I've lived in Debica, Rzeszow, Wroclaw, Gdynia, Sopot, and Gdansk. Not in one city have I had a problem with communicating in English with the majority of people. Mainly when I have a problem it is at a store where a person over 50 or so is working. But many times, a person next me will step in and translate for me. Outside the main cities in the villages, you may have problems, though. I've ridden my bike through 100s of villages and most of the people in the convenience stores don't speak much English.
17 Sep 2008
Life / Cost of living in Gdansk [16]

I pay 1200, which includes gas and electric, for 40 sm apartment 2 minutes from Old Town. 40 for internet.

Last year in Sopot, my electric bills were outrageous, like 400+ for a 53 sm place, but I had small crappy electric heaters.

You can make more than enough to live on while teaching, but with your expenses, unless the person you're living with is earning money, there's no way for you to have your budget on a teacher's salary alone.
3 Oct 2007
Work / Thinking of spending time teaching in Poland! [38]

Chromium you seem to be an expert on English teachers

I don't claim to be an expert, just posting from my experience here and for what applies to the majority of teachers. There are always going to be exceptions, and obvioulsy in your case, with a degree in Education, much of what I've posted doesn't apply to you. However, if the people posting here had a degree in Education, they wouldn't be asking for advice on what to do to teach in Poland.

I challenge you to find out what percentage of native English speakers in private schools in Poland have no qualifications to teach English. The percentage will be quite low. You make it sound like anyone who is a native speaker can get a job at a private school, which is simply not true. What I'm saying is not rubbish, and it applies to most of the people on this forum.
10 Sep 2007
Work / Thinking of spending time teaching in Poland! [38]

to get a teaching job in Poland with a private language school, you will almost certainly have to get the Trinity TESOL or the CELTA first. There are enough qualified teachers here that almost no school is going to hire someone with no experience and no qualifications in teaching.

PM me if you have any specific questions