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25 Oct 2007
News / Poland to join the Schengen zone the beginning of next year [36]

on this link you can see there are some exemptions....USA is on the list.

so there are agreements with other (non EU) countries regarding the treaty....the questions is how it is detailed in the treaty. if it says "EU" or if it names individual countries.

but like i said (and i think it was on a delta airlines page before regarding visa requirments....but i checked it maybe not)....i read something that schengen countries were exempt from having to apply for a visa to the US. its been awhile though.

another link:

but still not much about being reciprocal.

i did read this also last night.....and the news doesnt look much better....poland is still on the "black list" as far as the VWP.....but they are trying to change that.
24 Oct 2007
News / Poland to join the Schengen zone the beginning of next year [36]

you may be right krzysztof.....but i remember reading something that the schengen was a reciprocal agreement with the USA....but seems these days its called the Visa Waiver Program......

not finding much about it now....

anyhow....its a step in the direction for it to happen.
24 Oct 2007
News / Poland to join the Schengen zone the beginning of next year [36]

i have to get to work now....but will try to find something later.

but if you read about visa requirements to the US.....they all say schengen treaty member states can enter for up to 90 days with just a passport.

this is why germans, brits, french etc. dont need visas.
13 Oct 2007
Life / "i don't have time" - Clarification From Native Poles Needed [44]

most polish people in poland still haven't mastered the fine art of time management. this is a generalization and could probably be also placed on young people in general around the globe.

concepts like buying food in bulk for the next few weeks or longer instead of one day at a time....or pushing appointments together so you leave the house once instead of going back and forth are still foreign to many.

many are trying to make a buck most of the time. if it's not that, they need time for impreza and recuperating.....for friends (especially girls with their girlfriends) and family.....time for being lazy. they don't want to commit themselves often because they dont know how tired they will feel when they have free time.....better to plan something easy.

capatalism is still relatively new to them.....their parents often haven't taught them how to manage time because they lived in a different situation.

they work hard (12 hours often)......but they could definitly be more efficient and practical with their free time.

bottom line is you are the foreigner.....the "novelty" that is nice to have around, but deserves little commitment as far as friendship and time.

my recommendation is that you get a huge list of friends....and then just see what comes your way here and there.