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23 Aug 2007
Language / Can anyone help with spelling of Grandmother [53]



The way your husband is pronouncing them makes them mean belonging to grandma/pa ie., u babci = at Grandma's. Zgubiony got the pronunciations right, although "jardek" might be easier to understand than djia, if you're not Polish!! :)
13 Aug 2007
Genealogy / Has Anyone Got Any LDS microfilms Experience? [24]

Can you do further searching to see which ones have your specific information?

I have managed to narrow it down a little. I'm after the SS Labour Camp records and there doesn't seem to be much sense in the filing system of them and with only the first and last name listed which are on each micro, there isn't much to let me know what is inside. They aren't even listed alphabetically!

Is any one familiar with the Labour Camp records?

what does LDS stand for?

Yes, LDS stands for Latter Day Saints, which are the Mormons. They have a massive library in Utah which stores genealogy information from all corners of the globe. Some of it is available free online, some of it is stored on microfilms/fische which need to be ordered and they will send the micros to your local LDS Centre where you can view them.
13 Aug 2007
Genealogy / Has Anyone Got Any LDS microfilms Experience? [24]

I've been directed to some LDS microfilms and would like some advice from anyone who might have some some experience with the LDS. The micros I have been directed to are numbered 1364501-1364556. I will need to order these items so they can be borrowed from my local LDS Centre. It is 55 micros - will I be charged a separate fee for each micro or will I just be charged one fee considering they will all be delivered at once?
12 Aug 2007
Food / Mushroom Picking Parties (Poland tradition) [74]

I spent years of my childhood participating in mushroom picking parties with my parents and their Polish friends in Australia. We collected ridze and maszlaki (I don't even know what they are called in English). My mum would pickle the ridze when she got home and the house would stink like mushrooms for days after. The maszlaki got dried. I now live on a property and every year still collect all the ridze and maszlaki on my property and give them to my mum. They aren't to my liking for eating, but my folks love them and my kids and I love to pick them for Babcia and Dzia Dzia but we are broken hearted when we find only stems left growing on the roadside out the front!