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5 Aug 2007
Study / Moving To Wroclaw to Studying Law & Work [3]

I will not be able to work in the profession as I heard you either need to be fram a pre existing law family or pay bribes to pass the bar exam (aplikacje). Can someone please shed some light on the issue of law studies, aplikacje and work after university?

I have just finished my law studies in Poznan, so I can't help you on what's the system of studies in Wroclaw. But I know for sure that you don't have to pay bribes for aplikacja (first of all it's a crime, second, considering present political situation in Poland, people will conider it milion times befor they take any bribes).

With your education I would suggest a company such as PWC, E&Y, Deloitte and maybe a Warsaw office of Alen&Overy, DLA Piper, Grant Thornton.

How hard would it be to find a job in Wroclaw for decent pay (2500 zl min)

Well, during your studies your only hope are the companies I've mentioned. Otherwise you're f*** :) But that's from my perspective in Poznan.
30 Jul 2007
Law / Law regarding Polish citizenship after marriage [10]

the process stops and then on my subsequent return I would have to start the process all over again.

That's true. Some EU countries (like UK) allow a "break" in your stay, and some don't.

Now for EU member states citizens there's no such thing as pobyt stały. Now it's called "EU member state citizen card" and it's regulated by some sort of EU directive or regulation - so the procedure is mostly the same in all EU countries.

If they were arrested and had Polish passports their embassies could not help them-so beware!

That's also true. According to polish law: "The Republic of Poland does not recognize foreign citizenship", which means once you have a polish citizenship, you are a polish citizen, and nobody will bother to ask do you have any other citizenship. That's why "your" embassy will not be informed at any time.

To my knowledge there still are some limitations when it comes to purchase of land by foreigners but they all arise form the EU treaty which Poland has signed. It's all there but hopelessly boring, so I wont fill you in on that.
26 Jul 2007
Law / Law regarding Polish citizenship after marriage [10]

Yes, U will be able to claim Polish citizenship. According to Polish citizenship bill you can claim polish citizenship if you have been married to a polish citizen for 3 years. You must also live in Poland, and have a zezwolenia na pobyt rezydenta długoterminowego Wspólnot Europejskich (a permit to stay for longterm EU resident) whatever the hell that is. Meeting this terms you may claim Polish citizenship in a designated office (Urząd Wojewódzki - I think).

I have no idea how this thing works in practice. I'm a lawyer but have never assisted any of my clients in such procedure.

When you come to Poland I recommend calling Urząd Wojewódzki in your district, and they should tell you all you need to know.
24 Jul 2007
USA, Canada / Americans who call themselves Polish - how do you feel about that? [112]

if their parents were both polish, then they are polish

according to polish law it's true

so if you go and live abroad for say thirty years, you aint polish either ?

No. I am still polish, but I have also become lets say british or american. If I live as americans do, follow their culture and so on why shouldn't I be considered american, as well as polish?