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31 Jul 2007
Life / Environmental Issues in Poland [2]

The way it's done these days, the commerce is going to hurt you more than it helps you. I'd go with saving the environment.
17 Jul 2007
History / Poland-Russia: never-ending story? [1341]

You should be put into prison for these words

No one should be punished for speaking their mind.
11 Jul 2007
Food / Vegetarian food in Poland? [83]

[Moved from]: Vegetarian or Ethnic Foods in Wroclaw?

I'm staying in Wroclaw and I've tried much, especially at the Rynek. This isn't a complaint. I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a Vegetarian restaurant or Indian or Iranian or some other kind of ethnic food in Wroclaw? Thanks!
11 Jul 2007
Law / What Polish women think about American businessmen and globalization? [10]

You're right I should've asked for both. I am interested in both. But I'm particularly interested in the woman's perspective because they are the one's who being used for men's entertainment. I find this disturbing and I want to know if it's being discussed amongst the Polish.

Is it a "he"??

That's always the assumption, isn't it? I am female.

Do you mean the commercial expansion now that it is part of the EU ?

I mean American men dropping business in the country so that they can exploit the women. 'Expats for pleasure' and such things.