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1 Aug 2007
Real Estate / Gliwice estate agents / caravan parks [6]

Wow, thank you both for your replies.
We had thought about renting our home here in the UK as that would certainly help to offset any housing costs in Poland as far as renting goes.

We know we will be in Poland for at least 4 to 5 years and although we do not actually want to buy property in Poland purely as an investment, we think the maths works better for us selling our home - there is a predicted slump in UK property prices of the next few years.

It is still worth going over the figures again though so I thank you for the second opinion.

I'm still searching for an estate agent in Poland who has an English website but I guess the best way to do it is to come over and see first hand whats available.
1 Aug 2007
Life / Try it - move to Poland! [33]

When the morning after the night before, is no longer worth the night before the morning after ;)
1 Aug 2007
Life / Internet access via Sony Ericsson GC89 and cellphone provider [11]

Why bother?
Just scan for any unsecured network of which you'll find plenty in most cities. My wife was in Poland for 6 weeks earlier this year and had no problem pigy backing wireless networks.

It may not be moral but its not illegal.
1 Aug 2007
Real Estate / Gliwice estate agents / caravan parks [6]

Thank you for your comments.
I did not know that Gliwice was an industrial city so that is nice to know.
I mention the dog in case we have to temporarily rent somewhere, it might be a problem having a dog.
Hopefully we can get our house on the market by next week and start moving things along.
26 Jul 2007
Real Estate / Gliwice estate agents / caravan parks [6]

Hi all, new here so be gentle :)
My wife and I are moving to Poland mid October 2007 due to her changing jobs.
Unfortunately its all a bit of a rush to sell our property here in the UK and trying to find a property in or around Gliwice.

Has anyone here had any experiences with local estate agents, possibly contact details so we can get a feel for the sort of properties that might be available and their market value?

I have of course scoured Google but but I'm mostly finding apartments or flats and we really need a house as we have a German Shephard and we intend to be in Poland for at least 4 or 5 years.

As we will only be bringing our dog and the clothes on our backs (so to speak) we are actually going to purchase a caravan in the UK for the trip so we have somewhere to live temporarily so if anyone knows of any locations in our around Gliwice where we can part it up, that would be fantastic.