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22 May 2006
News / English vs. Polish hostility [323]

Looks like I touched a raw nerve! Yes,I shall keep working hard and making money and paying taxes like the other hard working British,Polish and others.Meanwhile you can continue being a miserable moaner.
21 May 2006
News / English vs. Polish hostility [323]

Can someone explain why all the hostility that the English seem to have about the Polish people?

I work with many Polish people here in the UK.I have heard very few negative comments from the English people against the Poles.Certainly the British residents of Luton and Hatfield are making lots of money renting their houses out to Polish workers.

I have often found that negative people are cowards.They will not complain in public or say what they think to people's face - instead they use the internet to make their spiteful comments.

Please be aware that these losers are a tiny minority of English people!(maybe 1%)