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26 Dec 2009
Food / A Polish Soup-What is the name? [16]

I to rember this soup very well.always made for easter and sometimes for christmas stated with either a good kielbasa ring boiled in water or pork ribs and some sourkrout boiling in water then removing all.she then added sour cream or milk or maybe even farmers cheese to thicken.I never noticed onoins or any the end we would put soup in a bowl then ad to our bowles the blessed cut up hard boiled eggs ,the cooked kilbasa.framers cheese. good hot horse radish.and a peice of fresh ryebread.if she used the ribs and krout we would have that on a plate seperatly.always a pork base to this soup, wether ribs or kielbasa and she would never make it if she did not have the farmers cheese.