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21 Nov 2009
Real Estate / Prices of apartments in Krakow are collapsing further down in 2010-2011 [150]

I met a Polish man who works in Scandinavia and returns to his family every 6 months. They own land and a B&B in the mountains.He's keeping it going wth extra cash and she is making and selling cheese and keeping guests. Not all who work outside are disreputable as you seem to suggest.
21 Nov 2009
Genealogy / Goralczyk and meaning of czyk [14]

Near Zakopane in the highlands live Gorale who wear a national dress for weddings and special occasions. There is a museum in which the clothes are displayed . They are more rightly callled 'highlanders' as hillbillies has a negative connotation. They are a hardy people who bore a lot of aggression by the nazis in WW2. They moved in large numbers to North America during the last century because making a living was very hard. They have a proud heritage and are a living embodiment of the proud brave Polish people.