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17 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / Good Polish/American Restaurants in Chicago area [90]

It's 2009, and both Czerwone Jabłuszko locations are still open. I went to the one at 3121 N. Milwaukee Avenue, and it was ok for my first time eating Polish food. I however didn't like it that one of the buffet islands was in a hallway between the banquet room & the kitchen. After reading this board, I'll be looking at other buffets to see what they offer. After I get an idea what all there is in the way of Polish cuisine, I'll try a sit down Polish restaurant & order from the menu.

For those around Lynwood Illinois, there's Warsaw Inn (not owned by any other Warsaw Inn found in McHenry or Harwood Heights). I'll be looking into that one. That one is only open for dinner from 4-8:30pm tues - Thurs, Fri & Sat 4-9:30pm, & Sunday Noon - 8pm. Closed Monday. I hear from people who have eaten there that service is good, along with the food. They're located at 2180 GLENWOOD DYER ROAD LYNWOOD, IL. Phone#

708-474-1000. There's also a website .
17 Nov 2009
Genealogy / Polish and British men the ugliest -> according to... BeautifulPeople [27]

Looking at pictures of people from various parts of Europe, and sad to say it for me, but I have found in my opinion numerous eastern European poeple (not counting Polish people) of Slovakian (and I'm part Slovakian), Romanian, & Macedonian (my area is seeing a big shift toward Macedonians, where early 20th century, Polish & Greek were the big ethnic groups) are the ugliest. I find most Polish people good looking, along with Germans, & Italians. I don't have a comment on British. But makes me good looking, despite citicizing part of my ancestry, is a strong Irish & German ancestry on both sides of my family. It's unfortunate that I'm not part Polish, like a couple of my cousins are.