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6 Oct 2009
Life / Authenticate Drivers licence [6]

Thanks so very much

You have been really helpful and I hope we will be able to pass through ID much fater in future on applications

Kind regards

1 Oct 2009
Life / Authenticate Drivers licence [6]

Hi Thanks,

this is just the sort of thing I am looking for ... except.... I cant see the PESEL on the Prawo Jazdy?? Is it there and if so in which section?

Many thanks indeed!
24 Sep 2009
Life / Authenticate Drivers licence [6]

Hi I work for a company in London that is asked to authenticate European ID's

Many employers in London are struggling to Ok Polish Drivers licences.

With the UK licence number, there is a code we can apply to check it is in the right format and mathematical sums check out.

Is there a similar code for the Polish Driving Licence numbers? If so where can I find it?

Many thanks