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28 Dec 2009
Study / Public school in Poland - experience with my kids [6]

I have a 7 year old daughter. Neither of us speak any Polish and I am curious about the experience you had placing your children into Polish public schools.

Same situation here. My daughter has 7, my son has 5 and my youngest daughter has 3.
Only I speak a little bit of polish since I'm taking courses, but my kids only speak english and spanish.
I'm very curious to learn about other's experiences as far as the language barrier.
24 Dec 2009
Life / Handguns Not Needed in Poland? [44]

n the states that allow concealed weapon permits, crime has gone down!

I don't know where do you get that info...
Robberies and home invasions are down. I'm sure that's what you meant. But murders and deaths along with hate crimes had gotten up big time. Specially after hurricane Katrina.

Then came the red necks in texas, that began to buy their weapons like crazy to the point that several armory stores had to close for a couple of days. This happen after their paranoia got to the roof when president Obama took office. I live in Houston, Texas and I know what I'm talking about since many of my friends are police officers.
22 Sep 2009
Life / Help required obtaining Polish Passport for Granny [10]

Well I guess Piorun is right. I didn't think about that at all.
I would still suggest to find an attorney who is very familiar with these cases and ask them first.
I never accepted a no for an answer unless it came from someone who has the last word.
I sent "grannytopoland" the information about the attorney we used and hope that it goes well.
21 Sep 2009
Life / Help required obtaining Polish Passport for Granny [10]

I had a similar case to your grandma. In fact, most of what I saw here was true in my case.
My grandparents supposedly "lost" their polish citizenship by becoming Venezuelan Citizens in 1951.
...Not so fast we said.
We began to study the law a little more and it turns out that there was something we could do to prove that my grandfather (who passed away a few years before) didn't loose his polish citizenship.

You see, he was an engineer for the polish army before the second wold war. When he became a venezuelan citizen in 1951 he had supposed lost his polish citizenship, but, because he didn't joint any other army in any country, and because he didn't get authorization from the polish military offices to became a citizen of Venezuela, he was still polish to the eyes of the law.

I got myself a goof attorney in poland who is used to dealing with these type of cases and now, I'm blessed with a polish citizenship as well.

I have family in Poland, who had never left poland. One of them, my father's cousin, is a history professor in some university in Poland. He was able to find documents in poland from even before the war, that proved my grandfather's involvement in the polish army and the public service in poland. That helped a lot. The attorney in poland is also good in finding documents too. If you need, I can send you the info and his website for you to contact them.

Over all, he charged us around 2000 Euros for the entire thing. This is for the process of citizenship for my father, my to brothers and myself.

Good luck in everything you do.
15 Sep 2009
Life / Where is a good place to find people in Poland who don't speak English? [13]

Soon, I'll be asking the same question. I'm trying to learn polish and I'm spending hours a day studying it with every course I can possibly find.

The best way to develop it is to surround yourself with no one but polish-speaking people.
I've heard they are good at helping you and correcting you when needed.
13 Sep 2009
Life / How much is the Internet service in Poland? [11]

Wow! Compared to Houston, here in the US, you guys have a privileged internet service.
I pay 59 US$ for Internet service a month. This is because I connect using the broadband antenna from a cell phone company. Only because it allows me to connect with my laptop from anywhere in the city. But it is not unlimited. (Only 5 Gb per month).

I wanted to switch to a regular hi-speed service, which is (the cheapest one) 40$ a month. Plus taxes.
I am glad that in Poland, the internet is faster and cheaper... This is going to be great!. I might be going to Poland for a while and I needed Internet for sure.

Thanks for your responses.
12 Sep 2009
Life / I'm an American who lived in Poland for 6 years. I'm not welcome anymore. [169]

I believe it is a matter of reciprocity.
Just look at the way immigrants are being treated in the US. Not just illegal immigrants, but immigrants altogether.
I live in the US and have been here for 12 years already. I can tell you that it is hard.
Recent laws in the US consider illegal immigrants to be criminals.
In my opinion, (and I'm sorry if this offends the rest of the visitors here) all immigrants in all countries are only looking for a better living. For themselves and their families.

Everyone deserves a chance to success, regardless of where they were born.
You as an american, are no better than a kid in africa. Both of you are human beings.
I'm not happy knowing that you had hard times. But certainly, americans are not above the rest. Meaning that if this world is crappy, then it should be crappy for everyone.

I hope you can get legal or find what you need to succeed in life. I wish the same for all the immigrants here in North America.
12 Sep 2009
Life / How much is the Internet service in Poland? [11]

Can someone please help? I just wanted to know how much is the average cost of Internet service in Poland.
Hi speed internet that is. (like DSL in the USA) or faster.
Thank you in advance.