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5 Dec 2009
Real Estate / 15 reasons why the Polish real estate market will crash soon [258]

I live in Poland, I own property in Poland, I understand economics, I didnt miss the boat (bought two places in 2001 and 2002).

The market is going to fall at least 20%. Disposable income is not enough to sustain the current prices and there is oversupply.

Not facts, just an opinion.
12 Nov 2009
Real Estate / 15 reasons why the Polish real estate market will crash soon [258]

Yes they do crash dramatically - look certain US states from 2006-08 (Florida, California) or Spain.

And there is no guarantee they will go up either - Japanese property is still cheaper than it was in 1988 so you can have 20 years of compound negative growth.

You cannot get away from the average wage and affordability equation in the long run. I reckon a 20% further fall over next 2 years. The modest rises shown this month are from tiny volumes of transactions.
21 Sep 2009
Real Estate / A brand new flat to rent in Okopowa (80m2) for 3500zl [11]

if you want to rent to footloose expats then put some furniture in - simple logic really and you might find some takers if their company is paying. If you want to rent to Poles you'll need to lower your price.
4 Sep 2009
Law / Raising Investment in Poland [7]

please PM me with more details

- sector you want to operate in
- age
- nationality
- whether you speak Polish (and level)
- your business experience
- how long before investment planned to become profitable

those 6 things enough at present.