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3 Sep 2009
Law / Documentation required to get married in Poland [13]

Hi to you all.
I am married to my lovely Polish wife and have the experience first hand. We got married here in Poland and have been living and working here for over a year now.

We are both Catholic but decided to go for the civil to avoid all the bureaucracy in this country which can be very annoying to say the least. But of coz we are planning to have a wedding in Church in the near future.

Right first of all there are 16 Woiwodships or Provinces in Poland all ran by different people with different mentalities who have different ways of interpreting the law as regards to marriage of Polish citizens to foreigners.

The requirements of getting married to a Polish National as a foreigner here in Poland are only three documents translated into the Polish language.

1 -:Full Birthcertificate with all your parents names (the british short version or any other country short version not acceptable at all)
2-:Letter of No Impedement(some of the Woiwodships will ask that the letter states that u have been given permission to get married in Poland to your Future Wife and her name to be included. Don't ask me why, but again some Woiwodships can ignore the last part)

3-: I D document with your foto it can be a national I.D or Passport.

Your Documents dont need to be legalized or anything like that just produce the originals together with the translation.
(Pliz note the law does not state that documents will have to be translated by a sworn in translator although they will all tell you that it has to be a sworn in translator) How do i know? Simple my Yanky friend got married here as well he confronted them and asked to be shown where it said that in the Polish law but of coz they could'nt.

Best Wishes to all of you who are getting Married Soon and remember its never easy to get married outside your country of origin its difficult everywhere.

To those who might want to ask me anything on getting Married in Poland u are more than welcome.......