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26 Aug 2009
Travel / Winter in Poland - but no skiing [8]

Appreciate it, but I'm actually looking for something to do in the winter that's not skiiing - we were meant to have been skiiing, but I've managed to injure meself so that's not on the cards anymore.

Ski resorts can be a pretty miserable if you're not actually able to get out on the slopes, so I don't really want to hang around a resort. I also already know Krakow inside out and back to front, so don't want to spend all our time there.

My question was rather: what would you recommend is worth doing in southern Poland in the winter that's not skiiing and not Krakow?

Would a trip to the Bieszczady or to Lwow be worth doing as an alternative? Or something else?

The search function isn't really that much help with this kind of thing, I'm afraid.
25 Aug 2009
Travel / Winter in Poland - but no skiing [8]

Thanks guys - but any suggestions not in Zakopane - the place does my head in (with apologies to SeanBM)
25 Aug 2009
Life / Krakow Wedding Reception Venues? [8]

Hi Jennifer,

I'm a British/Polish/Hungarian and my wife is British/Bangladeshi.

We got married in Krakow last year at Korzkiew castle just outside the city - it was an absolutely fantastic venue, in fact we've just been there to celebrate our first anniversary.

Setting up the wedding actually took quite a bit of work - if you're happy to get a pre-pack with everything arranged for you then it's much easier, but if you're keener on making your own decisions on caterers, decorations, photographers, entertainment and so on then you do need to spend some time there. I'd also strongly suggest using a wedding planner; it's not something that I think most Brits would normally consider - sounds too much like a bad movie - but we found it massively useful, and really not at all expensive.

If you want then drop me a mail at and I'll happily pass on details of all the people that we used.

Also - if you do decide on a wedding planner, than I can't recommend Kasia and Kinga at Raz w Zyciu highly enough. I don't work for them - honest - I'm just a very satisfied customer.


25 Aug 2009
Travel / Winter in Poland - but no skiing [8]

Folks - I'd appreciate any suggestions.

I'm off to Krakow with my wife for a wedding just after Christmas and staying until just after the new year. We'd planned to combine it with a skiing trip, but now I'm injured and we won't be able to ski.

Any suggestions for what we might do with the time instead? We already know Krakow really well, having spent a lot of weeks and weekends there over the last couple of years, so I'd like to get out of the city, but from previous experience I know it's going to be pretty cold and dark early every day. I'm also not sure what the state of the roads will be like for driving in the snow off the main routes.

The options that I was thinking of were:

1. A trip into the mountains/countryside to a lodge - perhaps to the Bieszczady? (Not Zakopane though, it's like Piccadilly Circus in rush hour.)

2. Catching the train to Lwow for a couple of days - always fancied going there.
3. Perhaps heading up to Bialystock - I've heard that the national park around there is beautiful in the snow - although it's not really anywhere near Krakow.

Any thoughts on these or other suggestions?