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22 Aug 2009
Genealogy / Looking for family members from Kalisz [2]


My father-in-law fled Kalisz when the Russians invaded Poland during WWII; he was only 17 years old. He eventually ended up in Switzerland where he married my mother-in-law, a cute swiss gal. They later moved to Canada where they stayed for almost 20 years. They have lived in the USA ever since. My father-in-law lost contact with his family in Poland many years ago and he is 87 years old and in poor health.

My husband and I would like to find his family, particulary his only sibling, a half sister (his mother and father are dead). His sister had a son who is only a couple of years older than my husband. So, my husband may have a cousin still living in Poland. My father-in-law was last in contact with his half-sister about 22 years ago. He is now blind and very frail and we cannot find her address. I have the names of my father-in-law's parents, his sister's name (both maider and married) and the name of her son.

My husband's parents are the only family he has ever known and he would very much like to establish contact with any relatives he may have in Poland.

We would be very appreciative for any suggestions on how to get started looking for any family members.

Thank you so much!