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23 Aug 2009
News / Words of thanks towards the 'Federation of Expellees' by Angela Merkel [40]

No, 1jola, "thick" I am not either, if you like to use that expression.
Have you on your side difficulties in understanding the term "same level"?

My example showed perfectly what I meant: These kind of provocations lead to nowhere.
So, please, let people regret that they were (partly guilty, partly not) on the wrong side of the war and that they lost their homes - without arrogantly acting as if you were the one passing judgements on guilt or whether a country could have been swept away.

In the other sentence all information is given, just read it again, or again, or again. (It was anyway same nonsense as you stated in the beginning).

@Torq: Yeah, I agree, difficult. As you see above, I just wanted to prove a point. Provocations are easy to utter.
And as I said, Germany and Poland have surely more severe problems than old people in costumes.
My father-in-law died in a Polish hospital because physicians were so overworked that they maltreated him. Same could have happenend in Germany. Politicians and the politically influrenced media should talk about that - solutions for health care, nursing, etc.

But they rather like to play with people's fears.
23 Aug 2009
History / Battle of Grunwald 2009 [24]

No problem if they replaced the Teutons in that battle. They would surely wind down their helmet shields and put up the volume of their built-in hifi equipment at every "Pole/pole" they see (they do so at the trafic lights normally ;))

As there are enough of them in Germany by now anyway and ironically (my barber is one of them - always quick with the blade, I never mention Vienna), they could stay a while (thats what they do mostly - and their cousins, uncles, nephews, neighbors...).

So, maybe Vienna's gate was not fully closed perhaps last time. But now the Polish cavalry could keep their pimped cars then... ;)
23 Aug 2009
News / Words of thanks towards the 'Federation of Expellees' by Angela Merkel [40]

Anyway, her party lead always by a higher percentage before the last two elections and in the end it was always pretty close.
So, she surely just wanted to reassure some "traditional" christian democratic voters.
In German media, they do not ever show anything of this, it is of zero public interest - as it is obvious distraction from real problems like health care, etc.

But the Polish public apparently is always buying it, instead of doing the same (ignoring as of no legal consequence) - nice for your politicians.

And: Sorry, guys, nothing in comparison to what Kaczynski, Berlusconi or Sarkozy are sometimes uttering. That should not be taken seriously either sometimes.

After starting WWI and WWII, and surrendering unconditionally, the Germans are very lucky to even have a homeland. What chutzpah!

Same level: Yes, but did not Stalin win the war? If he had wanted, you would not have a homeland either. You were also in his hands. What Mazel!
23 Aug 2009
Love / Polish men vs German men: Who is hotter? [513]

Well, my observation is that Polish society is very matriachal, so women are not shy to show what they have and in relationsships they are they ones who decide...

Men must not talk too much, take any job for the family's living (no matter whether they are overqualified for the job) AND have to eat what their respective wifes cook. In that way, that the woman can show: Look at my husband's big belly - I surely can cook well...

You see it also in the magazines that are being sold in Poland or the commercials: Only showing family topics or style or what else is important for women. No boobs on covers (men should have no fun).

In other countries you surely have more patriarchal tendencies:
Poland < Italy < Czech < Russia / Germany < UK / USA < Greek / Turkey < arabic countries
(taken porn hits as auxiliary parameter).

So in those societies men do fight for women to posess them solely. Then they surely want to be the one deciding.
That also leads in western countries that western women are aware of their market value and keep their noses high.
Also, as everyone wants to get the best piece of cattle on the market, many people are waiting to find the perfect partner (in terms of relative value).

That is why more people in Germany, etc. stay single (in urban areas)...