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21 Aug 2009
Genealogy / If He didn't come to America by way of Ellis Island.....! [25]

I need some help finding out some family history. My great grandfather's name was Karol L. Olechowicz. He was born in Poland in 1896 (some records say '85) and he immigrated to the US. I'm not sure when he immigrated here and we believe he came alone. However, I have searched Ellis Island records and NONE of them have any Olechowicz registered. I am quite confused by this because this was his actual name, he didn't change it when he came. Would there have been another way for a Pole to come to America?

21 Aug 2009
Food / Easy to learn Polish dish. [14]

Homemade pierogies are my favorite!! You can look up many recipes to make these. They are very easy but, time consuming.
My favorite are potato and cheese or loaded potato.
The best thing about them is when you make a batch, you can always freeze the rest for later!

Gołąbki has never been difficult for me to make. However, I usually do ground meat because I prefer it over pork.

Also, have you ever made kiełbasa? I love fresh kiełbasa, but it's pretty hard to find in the States. I'm from Pittsburgh and you could easily find it there, however, any other place (except Chicago) it's no where to be found. I order mine online.