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13 Aug 2009
Work / Questions regarding visa (a bit specific situation) [13]


Działalności gospodarczej sounds good however, what are my obligations to the state, tax wise? In Croatia there is a specific amount in taxes you need to pay every month to keep such a company running and those taxes ain't low.


I just may take you up on that offer as soon as I decide what would be the best course of action here.
12 Aug 2009
Work / Questions regarding visa (a bit specific situation) [13]

(I apologize in advance if this is too long of a text but I want to be as clear as possible.)

I live in Croatia which is outside the borders of the EU. And although a candidate it will take at least several more years until we join so I can't move freely to Poland.

My problem is simple: My girlfriend is Polish and it's getting a bit difficult for me to travel back and forth every time I want to spend time with her so I would like to make my move permanent which would necessitate a live and work in Poland visa.

However, I'm a web/flash designer and a freelancer so I don't actually need to find work in Poland since I work with people all over the world and on top of that I'm a part of a two man team with my friend living in Croatia so I could continue taking on Croatian jobs. All I need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Having spent time in Poland for personal reasons I was exposed to the language and culture and I believe I would fit well (language I would have to learn but I plan on taking courses before moving and it's similar to Croatian, especially regarding grammar) and the city I want to move is Wroclaw. I like the city and she lives in the vicinity so it's a big plus. Naturally, before I move I assume I would have to bring some savings with me to rent an apartment and so on.

My problem is this:

How big are my chances of getting a permanent visa? For now I can spend up to 90 days in Poland with just my passport. I could (and I will) ask in the Polish embassy however I prefer to get some info that is somewhat "unofficial" and from people who have experience first.

I'm 24 years old.

Thank you in advance.